It’s me, again. For the first time.

It’s been two years and six months since I last tapped my fingers against a keyboard and produced any sort of intelligent, coherent document. That last time, in October 2009, I was a working mother of one with a pretty good grip on life. Now, after moving to the deep south and adding another sweet girl to our brood, I’ve realized it’s dangerous to get too comfortable and a tell-tale sign that things are about to get real interesting, y’all.

I’m a perfectionist, which I’m sure is why I have started and deleted no less than three blogs in the past 3 years. Is it common to delete, rewrite, delete, edit every sentence that is typed? I’m sure; writing is a muscle and Lord knows mine is quite atrophied. So bear with me as I retrain these muscles to focus, think and create.

Speaking of muscles and training, I’ve gotten this crazy notion in my head that I’m going to run the Savannah Rock’n Roll 1/2 Marathon in November. Now, I like to work out and I like to push myself. But a runner, I am not. But why not? If I’m going to do it, there certainly is no better time than now. I have friends who ran Savannah’s inaugural race last year and say it is worth your efforts. So, here I am, putting it out there in blogging land where it is much harder to take back.

Have you ever ran a half marathon? Any training tips?


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