Springtime in the South

When we moved to the south in March 2010, the weather was perfect. Warm sunshine, light breezes and cool evenings.  And then June hits and the sun becomes–

Hold that thought.

Hubs and I had to join forces to kill a rogue palmetto bug that was scampering across our living room floor.  We’ve become quite the bug killing duo since moving here. When we lived up north (side note: “up north,” apparently, is a phrase only we transplant southerners use to refer to any state north of North Carolina), bugs are only found in the homes of hoarders, dirty college kids and the occasional farmer (but only because it hitchhiked in from the barn). Here, you learn quickly that living in the south means you will have bugs – regardless of how neat and tidy your home is kept.  If you are like us and have lots of oak trees and live near the marsh, you might as well set up a little bug-sized doggy door and leave them little buggy treats to snack on.

— Anyway. June hits and the sun starts shooting rays of death, the humidity causes makeup to melt off your face and the only reprieve comes from a tall glass of mint iced tea while hiding inside your air conditioned homes. So when a lovely spring day comes along, we’ve learned to take full advantage and enjoy it. After an early morning church service, we were off to the beach.


I bet you wish I would have taken a picture of that monster palmetto bug instead, huh?

I wish I would have taken more impressive pictures but when you are traveling with two kiddos, you learn to travel light. What is a blog without pictures? A boring blog, that’s what. So I will dig out and charge my old point-and-shoot for just such occasions. Pinky swer.


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