So, what is this thing?

When I tell friends that I started a blog, most respond with a nod as if to say, “of course you did. It was only a matter of time,” accompanied with something along the lines of “So, what are you going to blog about?” Well, dear readers, I would love to tell you what neat little pocket of the blogosphere I will fit in. Really, I’d love to. After reading for a while, maybe you could tell me. But if you know me, you will agree that I am quite the Jack of all trades, master of none. As a mother and wife, my roles and interests are always changing based on life’s happenings and I’m sure that will be reflected here. Through it all, I try to keep things light, humorous and fun. Otherwise I’d just sit on the couch and cry which is none of the aforementioned.

Outside of my family and my faith, I am most passionate about clean, healthful living. Not that low-calorie, fad-fitness, green-labeling mumbo-jumbo. But true, conscious living that is based on knowing what we put in our homes, our bodies and our minds. The head pastor at our church uses the phrase “garbage in, garbage out” and that, my friends, is right on the money. I believe that many of the problems we spend the majority of our time, energy and resources on are ones we have inadvertently created for ourselves in our ignorant attempts at convenience, vanity and “health.” I remember learning about Occam’s razor in college and firmly, firmly believe and try to practice it. For those of you unfamiliar, Occam’s Razor refers to the idea that the simplest solution is best. Not always most accurate, eloquent or pretty – but the simplest and best. In my home, I work to eliminate the solutions to problems that were created by similar solutions to another problem that was… you get it. All for the sake of something that probably wasn’t much of a problem in the first place.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my “Dirty Little Clean Living Secrets” from time to time. What a hint at the first one?

I don’t wear deodorant.


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