Parties, cupcakes and babies.

One of my dearest friends is due next month with her second sweet baby and since we find any excuse for a party, we threw her a fun little shin-dig this afternoon. We had popcorn and cake pops and jalapeno poppers and soda pop and many, many lollipops. Because she’s about to pop, you know?

The food was a-ma-zing.

Three of us planned the shower but by comparison, I contributed barely anything (mostly because everyone realizes I often can’t be trusted with the most simple of tasks) but I did make these delicious nutella cupcakes.

They’re lucky I didn’t shovel them all in my mouth and swing by Gigi’s for replacements. Or maybe unlucky, who knows.

Word to the wise – when trying to bake with two small children climbing your legs, be careful not to overfill the tin liners. Otherwise you will end up with 14 cupcakes, not 24 as the batch promises. It is a good thing I can compensate with sickening amounts of nutella in a small amount of chocolate cake.

Ooie-gooie nutella centers (before frosting, clearly).

I found this amazing nutella frosting recipe at My Baking Addiction but substituted in almond milk since our house is generally dairy-free (B, my littlest chunk, has a dairy allergy). I did, however, use real butter for this special occasion since the nutella already broke the no-dairy rule and B wouldn’t be having one, anyway.

Driving home from this lovely get-together, I felt that slight ache for another baby. To be pregnant, to plan, to prepare and welcome another member into our family. But it feels like I just had a baby. B is just over 13 months but by the time E was that age, I was pregnant again. It seems so different this time; maybe because B has needed me more or because having two under the age of 2 was exhausting in every way. Even so, babies are so wonderful. A blessing, without a doubt. How does anyone ever know when it’s time for another, or, if they are done having children?

Then, as quickly as it comes on, it passes. I am reminded of how content I am. How good things are and that there is no rush at all. How nice it is to just be me, not carrying or sustaining another. When it’s time to have another, it will be laid on my heart so thick it will be impossible to ignore. And, there are other things to plan, prepare and welcome. In coming weeks, our calendar is packed with birthday parties, princess dance camp (for E, not me – I tried but they said the dresses would be too small) and plenty of house guests.

Om nom nom. She’s sweet, too.


One thought on “Parties, cupcakes and babies.

  1. I get the baby fever hot flashes. I was sure I wanted one more NOW, and then sat with 2 moms with teeny tiny newborns. As precious as they were, I was cured…. for a few days. I’m enjoying your blog!

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