Thievery sucks.

If we are Facebook friends (as I’m sure most of us are), you know that yesterday someone smashed my car window and swiped my diaper bag containing my wallet, iPhone, B’s EpiPen, medicine for B’s current hives, and various souvenirs from life with two little girls.

It happens, we live in Savannah. Although beautiful, poverty and crime is through the charts. It happened in broad daylight when YMCA members are constantly coming and going. I was parked in front the door, in sight of the main desk. I was in the building for less than 5 minutes. But it happens and I should have known better.

The things are just things but I feel so violated. Someone took something of mine because they thought they were entitled to it. That I didn’t need it. That they somehow had the right to shatter my property and steal. And then run away.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about this person. It happened within two miles of my home so they are, relatively speaking, my neighbors. What did they feel when they shattered my window – Adrenaline? Fear? Did they go through my phone and look at pictures of my children? Did they feel a twinge of remorse when they realized they stole my daughter’s EpiPen? Did they care they took a sick child’s medicine? Do they have children? Where to they tell their children these things came from? Are they even trying to teach their children to be upstanding members of society with a strong moral compass?

Hubs thinks I’m over-analyzing. And I am. But I’ve always tried not to stereotype and see the person behind the circumstance but I’m having a very, very hard time wrapping my mind around this. I don’t want to lump people categories I’ve created in my mind but these people are the drudges of society. Jesus forgave his crucifiers. We are ordered to forgive. Surely I can forgive this. I can’t let the anger swallow me and the fear smother my joy. I need to suck it up, forgive and move on.

So, consider this a eulogy to my stolen things. Besides the pictures on my iPhone, I am so saddened to lose my diaper bag. My beautiful, beautiful Petunia Picklebottom bag. I  splurged on this after B was born since I had two babies in cloth diapers and needed something big enough to heft everything around town. I fell in love with it after seeing another mom with the print and scoured the internet to find a store that had this print in stock. I found ONE. One shop, Elephant Ears in Ann Arbor had it and I was in heaven.

She’s a beauty.

It’s just a bag. I know that. But in a world of poopy diapers and scraped knees and stained clothes it was so.beautiful. And with two little girls who grow like weeds and already have an affinity for cute shoes, there sometimes just isn’t enough black on the ledger.

So, on to happier things. I have wonderful friends who are always, always there for me. Family who will do anything to help. And two beautiful girls who are safe and sound.


3 thoughts on “Thievery sucks.

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