Birthdays and general feel-goodies.

After enduring and (barely) surviving what shall hereby forever be known as The Worst Week of My Adult Life, today was exactly what this worn out Momma needed. Sun, friends, a new iPhone and early bedtimes.

We joined my friend Mariah and her clan at Jekyll Island to celebrate her little man’s first birthday.

Her boys and my girls match up pretty closely age-wise. The older two play quite well together when E isn’t breaking sticks over Miles’s head (during which he sits quietly, enduring the beating like a true little gentleman). The younger ones explore independently but I envision those two troublemakers sitting and scheming up some antics to torture their older siblings in very near future.

While the big(ger) kids splashed in the waves and collected marsh grass and the men tended to the babes, Mariah and I got a few minutes to sit back, relax and sip on margaritas (not really, we forgot the blender). It’s rare and refreshing to meet a like-minded momma that also doesn’t like to get caught up in the mommy-wars around parenting styles or the methods utilized in tending to families.

In case you’re wondering, here is my universal rule for parenting, abbreviated: Kiss your babies, make sure they have clean bottoms, feed them real food and then everyone take a nap. Everyone.

Tomorrow is my birthday and, as it happens to be every so many years, also Mother’s Day. When most women are hesitant to share their age, it’s because they’re hoping to shave a few digits off their number. But not I. No, when May rolls around each year, I am hopelessly teased by how few candles are on my cake. I suppose I should enjoy it while it lasts, as the big 3-0 is not that far off (as my older, mature husband likes to remind me).

I was luckily able to replace my stolen phone with a iPhone 4S and have spent the evening realizing just how technologically un-advanced I really am. Who is this Siri and why does she keep talking to me?! I swear I’m too old for my chronological age.

Any way, in honor of the holiday(s) and in lieu of gifts, do me a favor and call your momma to say “hello” and give the other mommas in your life a little slack. Find a sandy spot to sun your face and be thankful for what you have.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays and general feel-goodies.

  1. So glad you came to share our day for Rowan! We had such a wonderful time and the part with Miles and the sticks made me laugh because when we were driving home Miles asked me, “Mama are you proud of me cuz when emery hit me my didn’t do anything? My said nuffin?” Haha! What do you say to that… I love that she loves me so much too by the way…. its nice to have a little girl around!

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