Birthdays Come but Once a Year…

…and for good reason. Otherwise, I’m certain I’d be one chubby and lazy lady in no time.

Let me tell y’all how amazing my husband is.

Hub can cook. And he does it well. He makes the most amazing French crepes topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries and real maple syrup. Secondly, he deals with diapers. I know a lot of daddies won’t even change a diaper let alone change, prep and wash cloth diapers. Thirdly, he loves spending time with our kids.

And when a Mother’s Day/Birthday combo comes around, he pulls out all the stops to make sure this Momma has no cooking, cleaning or child-tending to do.

Which is awesome.

I spent the day doing what I love most – eating, sleeping, and eating some more.

But for the first time in almost four years, I’m not pregnant or nursing which means I actually have to monitor my caloric intake and can’t eat with reckless abandon. Unless it’s my birthday.

Oh reckless abandon, I now know you well.

Hub made an amazing beer-can chicken with asparagus, polish sausage and potatoes.

He followed up with homemade brownies, topped with hot fudge, strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Because of her dairy allergy, B enjoyed some delicious coconut milk ice cream which was really, really good. If it weren’t $6 a pint, I’d be eating it all the time. She’s also cutting some wicked teeth and seemed to enjoy the ice cream really helped; if I weren’t so cheap and concerned with empty calories, she’d be eating it

For my Mother’s Day gift, I got this awesome vintage-styled Timex Weekender. It will match my dream Jeep Wagoneer well.

He also tolerated my incessant nagging for a family picture. And we got it on the first shot.

Birthdays and TWWoMAL are over and I need to get back on conscious-eating bandwagon, for real this time. I also need to become more diligent about running if I’m serious about the Rock’n Roll Marathon in November and before the real summer heat and humidity arrives. The kids can’t hang long in the stroller and I can’t keep my mind focused enough to get past two miles. I loathe treadmill runs but I did incline intervals today which helped with the monotony.

How do you increase distance on runs? Push through treadmill runs? 


2 thoughts on “Birthdays Come but Once a Year…

  1. increase slowly if its the first time you’ve ever touched that distance, 10-15%. Treadmill runs…require great music! Good luck!

    • Thanks for the tip! Yes, I think I need to put together a good running playlist rather than relying on the random tunes Pandora provides.

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