This and That with a Rattle-a-Tat

Who’s tired of the Jack Johnson lyrics? Not me, obviously.

The girls are sleeping and instead of getting the house ready for a fun-filled holiday weekend, I’m here talking to you.

I’ve sold a few diapers and along with birthday money from the wonderful Momma Sue, I have enough dough to get a new diaper bag to replace the one that was stolen. I absolutely adore the Petunia Picklebottom Wistful Weekender. It’s roomy without being a bottomless pit and has enough pockets to hold snacks, an EpiPen, hair bows and chapsticks. Plus, since it isn’t technically a diaper bag, I can use it as an actual weekend get-away bag. HA! That was a joke. Who’s going anywhere for a weekend a.) without children or b.) with children and can manage to pack a weekend’s worth of anything in one bag? Anyway, will you help me choose a new pattern?

I’m digging this one – Indelible Iris. Colorful without being too bright.

Possibly the Playful Poppy – it’s cheerful and heaven knows I need a bit more cheer in my life.

Lastly, I love this pattern – Misted Larseille. I would choose this one, hands-down, but it’s pricier than the others. Worth an extra $40? Ehhhhh.

On to other things…

I’ve been dealing with wicked, wretched sinus pain since last weekend and I can’t take the pain anymore. Every so often I can feel the pressure moving around in my sinuses and the pain is unreal. I can even feel it in my teeth.

I know. I should on the cover of Vogue.

So, I need help! Here’s what I’ve tried:
– Popping Advil like candy
– Applying heat (isn’t that rice pillow cute? I sewed it a few months ago)
– Eucalyptus and spearmint oil in bowl of boiling water and breathing in the steam. Works great but freaks the kids out to see me hanging out with a towel over my head.
– Neti pot. But the water isn’t getting through very well.

What’s left? I really hate taking OTC sinus/cold medicine because it makes me feel all loopy and strung out. No wonder people can make meth with it.

Lastly, I’ve had to revisit my cloth diaper washing routine and in the spirit of full disclosure, I felt the need to share. B’s diapers must have heard me get all know-it-all about our routine and decided to get all stank. I tried soaking and rinse, rinse, rinsing with no luck. So we’re back to using All Free & Clear, for now.

Can you help a Momma out? Any advice/opinions/tongue-lashings? Any exciting Memorial Day plans?


3 thoughts on “This and That with a Rattle-a-Tat

  1. I like the first and last bag. =) Sorry about your sinuses.. I have never experienced them.. and I hope I never do. Grilling out this weekend and meeting the Beau’s parents. =)

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