Apologies for the recent absence. My wonderful sister and her family were visiting so we took a much needed holiday and were busy, busy, busy. Our house was filled to the brim and topped out with four kids 3 years old and under. So when we weren’t running like crazy, we were all sitting in silence in a fun-having hangover.

When you live where others vacation, it’s easy to only see the negative and forget to appreciate what makes it such a great place . Having visitors and getting to play host for a few days is a wonderful way to see things anew, like the tourists do. It will always be miserable being stuck behind a horse-drawn carriage tour with screaming kids in the backseat but at least my belly and arteries were nice and full from dinner at Paula Deen’s Lady & Son’s Restaurant.

We survived Beryl and her torrential rain but the weather was quite damp for the first half of their visit. But we weren’t deterred and found lots toddler-friendly fun.

Oh, the fun. Summarized in approximately 492 pictures.

We saw forts!

Fort Pulaski

No cannons or Chunks were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

And alligators!

And fire trucks!

Giving orders, as usual.

Not everyone thought it was fun.

But the men sure did.

And ran through fountains!

And the beach. Lots and lots of beach.


My niece and nephew are Irish Twins so they and E are all within a year of each other. So, it was sort of like having triplets. M and E are just two peas in a pod. They are mischievous and partners in crime. I hope they are always the best of friends. But that the shenanigans cool off by the time they are in college.


I had the opportunity try some new recipes and got a load full of fresh veggies today so I’ll have lots of tasty posts coming over the next few days.


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