Tossing the Toys, Part II.

Those kids of mine are smart cookies.

Yes, sir. They know when their Momma is up to something.

And chances are, they don’t like it one bit.

As I told you last week, I’ve had enough of the plastic, light-up toy madness that has overrun not just the playroom but every one of the nine rooms in this house. I set out to sort through the battery-powered piles and rid us of the chaos.

But my sweet girls caught wind. And do you know what they did? They started playing with their toys.

That makes clearing out a lot harder. It’s easy to get rid of it when you know it won’t be missed but, man, the last thing that encourages independent play is taking away something she actually plays with. Shoot, I’m a softy.

Still, I did manage to clear out a good bit of stuff.

I started with two paper bags – one for broken toys, cheap plastic trinkets and other craptastic goods to be pitched; a second for infant toys including rattles, crinkle paged books and the like.

The throw away bag is pretty small so I think I can sneak it in the garbage bin without Hub noticing – he hates waste. The baby toy bag turned into a baby toy bin and found a home in the garage. With so many friends having new little ones, I want it accessible for playdates.

I found a sturdy, 30-gallon storage bin at Target that is the new home to some of the lesser-played toys. As they get bored with the remaining toys, I’ll rotate them out.

E’s birthday is coming up quite soon and I’m having a hard time figuring out what to get her. I think this may be the last birthday we can pick out a gift without her overwhelming influence. I picked up a few new books locally but I think anything else will need to be ordered.

I think she will like this wooden memory game from Land of Nod.

And, of course, the face paint pencils. Who will come and help me scrub these out of my couch?

What else would be a good gift for a 3-year-old?


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