Date Night and a Fashion Show.

It is once in a blue moon that Hub and I get time away for a date night.

E’s birthday was coming up so we wanted to go out and celebrate keeping a child alive for three whole years. Which is impressive, considering what we knew about parenting when she was born.

We went to Sol for an incredible dinner. They have such an eclectic menu that features unique, fresh ingredients. We started with the fried avocado which is my new obsession. Incredible. I had the polenta-crusted chicken with a creamy polenta side and spicy black beans, all of which was ah-mazing. Hub had a mahi mahi taco and a Korean pork taco with kim chi. This place is so. good. Yum.

Fried avocado. Drooling.

It’s unusual and, honestly, a bit uncomfortable having dinner without the kiddos running around and screaming like banshees.  Here is a sample conversation:

Me: So, how’s work?
Hub: Uh, ok. Busy.
Me: This place is really nice. E would love the painted floor.
Hub: Yea, the girls would love it.

So we took pictures, instead!

So handsome.

It’s hard to make conversation that isn’t about the kids. My kids take up about 98% of my brain power on any given day, so finding anything interesting to talk about that doesn’t involve diapers, illnesses or general child-rearing can be a struggle.  Enter my friends, Tom Collins and Mr. Mojito.  Ah, soon the conversation was flowing.

After dinner, we had reached a crossroads: take a much needed trip to Target for last-minute party supplies for E’s big pirate party or continue date night.

We chose smartly and continued on to our next date-night destination: Lulu’s Chocolate Bar.

We sat next to a cute couple who were clearly on their very first, awkward date. It was sweet and nostalgic and made me so, so thankful I’m not single and will hopefully, Lord willing, never have to go on another first date.

We agreed on the fondu for two but quickly encountered a problem – we both thought the coconut macaroons were the best choice and there were only four. After some heated discussion, we split the macaroons and shortbread, I claimed dibs on the bananas and Hubs got the strawberries. Negotiation – keeping our marriage working since 2006.

We were hanging with the hipsters so had to enjoy a PBR.

We finished up and it was only 8:20. Far to early to go home. So we went on an adventure through downtown Savannah.

Everything closes fairly early but found one store that made us realize just how old we are – Urban Outfitters.

Let me be clear – we are not hip. We are not cool. We are certainly not the type of people who should be shopping at Urban Outfitters. So we did what any parents-out-past-their-bedtimes would do – we had a fashion show.

Farrah wants her pants back.

People actually pay $60 for these. I’d wear them to paint my picnic table.

Yes, I will make this face again for hire. And girls actually wear shorts this short. I’m old.

Hub’s Father’s Day gift. Be jealous.

Alas, the night had to come to an end. Like Cinderalla, I had to be home before 10 p.m. because the girls give an early morning wake up call at 6 a.m. But it’s so nice to just be us again, even for just a few hours.

What’s your idea of a great date night? 


4 thoughts on “Date Night and a Fashion Show.

  1. Haha! We had a date night, too, and got back at …. gasp…. 11:15!!!! Does that makes US cool???? I feel super-cool, as I haven’t been out that late since Chloe was born! Ah, it IS so nice to be “just us” again…even if our idea of a good time now is debating vegetarianism with our friend, the philosophy professor, and his wife! LOL. (When did we all become so…uncool???)

  2. A great date night for us, is sitting at home just the two of us. We dont have kids but D constently wants to be with multiple people or doing something. So the days when we have “nothing” to do or no one is around is WONDERFUL!

    P.S. I agree! I would SO wear those shorts to paint my office in!!! UMMM I think we are missing something!?!?!?!?!?

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