Blueberries, part deux.

Today’s heat index was 110°. Clearly the most sensible plan for the day was to spend it outside with my two very fair skinned, easily overheated children.

We started out bright and early at 8 a.m. and headed north for more blueberry picking. The weather was decent enough for Georgia in a heat wave but I wanted to be in and out quickly.  We went to a different farm this time and although it was bit closer, I wasn’t overly impressed.  There were more bushes to pick from but the yield on each wasn’t great. To be fair, the bushes could have been over-picked since it is the end of the week.  I picked for about an hour and a half and got about 1 quart. This field was also much larger so we spent a bit of time walking between bushes and chasing the loose child.

All things considered, the girls did well and B, again, just hung out on my back for the ride. I really don’t know how people manage more than one child without babywearing. The only downside was the heat generated between her squishy body and mine. By the time we finished, B and I were both soaked from either sweat or urine (hers, not mine, thankfully) and the temperature was quickly approaching 90° with bugs out in full force.

When I went back to pay, I was on the wrong end of a talking-to by the farm’s boss-lady about not signing in before picking. After calling yesterday to confirm field conditions, she said they place buckets on the porch for early-morning pickers who arrive before the general store opens. Naively, I assumed (you know what they say…) that if the buckets were out, they weren’t open yet. Clearly that was not the case. Maybe there is a big berry-thieving ring going on? Could be, some people suck like that. After some profuse apologies, all was right in the world once again and she wished me a good day. Whew. So, if you ever go a’pickin’, make sure you sign in. Or they will come and find you.  And you’ll be in trouble.

Now that I have a small backup stash of berries, I’m planning my next batch of berry goodness.  But knowing me, and the forecast for the weekend, I will probably freeze most of them and wish I could climb into the freezer, too.

Besides, we were too busy doing this to spend time baking in the kitchen.


One thought on “Blueberries, part deux.

  1. I have a weird obsession with picking fruit. Just like you take your kids now, my parents took my sister and me picking for raspberries and blackberries at my cottage. I have such good memories of those time – I am sure yours will also 🙂

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