Cuckoo for Coconut Water?

I haven’t blogged much about running, recently. I’m still pretty much stuck at the 3-mile mark and this crazy heat and humidity isn’t helping matters. I hung around the house in my running gear for 4 hours on Friday, waiting for the heat index to drop so I could log a few miles. When it dropped to a cool 94°, I went out. A well-intentioned few miles turned into just 1 1/4.  Racking up miles isn’t worth my safety.

I’m envious of runners who live in cooler climates and aren’t hit by a wall of moisture when they open the front door. The heat makes me sweat more but the humidity doesn’t allow it to evaporate and cool the body. This equals one over-heated and sweaty Momma who curses the sun with every labored step.

I’m also envious of the guys who run sans shirt and I find myself wishing I could don just a sports bra and take off. Alas, for the wellbeing of my neighbors, and myself, this just isn’t a good idea. So I’m regulated to sweat-wicking fabrics in light colors.  I’ve also began chugging water like a boss a few hours before an outdoor run. My calves have been hurting lately, regardless of how much I stretch pre- and post-run. Logically, it would seem that I’m not running far enough distances for it to be a potassium deficiency. But those suckers hurt and make  less-than-great conditions even worse.

I’ve heard a lot of fanfare around coconut water and it’s loads of potassium, which helps regulate water and electrolytes.  So I figured, hey, why not. Keep hydrated and help with muscle cramps in 100° weather. And, coconuts are awesome.

I had to pick up a few things at the store after church so I tossed a Vita Coco in the cart. I’ve tasted plain coconut water before and didn’t think it had much flavor except for a slight saltiness so I opted for the acai and pomegranate this time. I plan on heading out for a run shortly, so bottoms up.

Excitement. Curiosity. Disgust.

Wow. Pardon my lack of descriptive terminology but this smelled like leftover pasta water and tasted similarly.

That was a bust. I’ll settle with loads of water for hydration and bananas for potassium.

Runners – How do you battle the heat/humidity and keep running safely? How do you deal with the mental block?


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