30 Days Veggie: I’m a poor planner.

Yesterday, was the first day of our family’s little 30-day vegetarian trial run. I’ve bookmarked a ton of tasty, plant-based and dairy-free meals and now have a kitchen stocked with vegetarian essentials. Loads of veggies, polenta, tofu, nutritional yeast (which I didn’t even know existed)… Mother Hubbard’s cupboards are certainly not bare. Despite this, it’s clear that, once again, we aren’t great planners.

At the end of the week, we made several meaty dishes to use up the remaining meat in the freezer. Great idea in theory but we were left with a bit of leftovers. And as much as we suck at planning, we really hate wasting food. So after a vegetarian breakfast (easy), we came home from church to a bonanza of left-overs. So, on my first day as a vegetarian, I ate a hamburger. Fail.

Dinner was much better.

My friend Maggie lent me a neat book called 101 Things To Do With Tofu. Now, I’m a little leery of tofu. It seems weird to me. The consistency, the taste (or lack thereof), and the whole “what the heck is it?” thing. For those not in the tofu-know, it’s made from soybeans and contains a lot of protein while being low in fat. Researchers go back and forth about whether or not tofu/soy is healthy or harmful but the general consensus is, it’s fine. I usually stay away from a food if I can’t clearly identify it’s origin but I think tofu is a decent exception, in moderation.

So back to 101 Things To Do With Tofu. I “planned” to make the veggie stir fry but managed to miss two of the main players in the recipe – peanut oil and teriyaki sauce. I did manage, however, to come home with peanut sauce. So, I used the recipe more as a guide and the results were pretty tasty:

veggie/tofu stir fry.

That would be carrots, celery, green peppers, water chestnuts, sliced portabellas* and tofu in a peanut sauce over basmati rice. Hub thought it was fantastic and I’d have to agree.

*I really, really dislike mushrooms. I want to like them. I feel towards mushrooms the same way as I do towards that creepy, strangely-popular Gotye song. Really, why does everyone love it? I want to like it. Everyone else likes it. But that song sounds weird and kind of stalker-ish (and the video is equally strange). And yet I find myself singing it’s silly little melody, so maybe there is still hope for those portabellas. I’ve liked them in the past, like in this roasted veggie dish I made last week. But I just couldn’t bring myself to eat them in the stir fry.

Today went much smoother than yesterday and was easily meat-free. I made this spicy zucchini frittata from the recent issue of Whole Living. It was okay but lacked much flavor. If I made it again, I’d add tomatoes or maybe a red bell pepper.


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