I’m a Techie Twerp.

Sometimes I spend more time tinkering around Wordpress than I do actually blogging. I sat down this afternoon and again this evening to write an update on our 30 days sans meat but instead spent my time adjusting widgets and themes and OH, catching up to 2008 and joining twitter.

I feel so technologically inept.

The worst part is I just don’t have the time to learn all the tricks and tools of the trade. Between switching to a Mac, beginning a blog and now, joining twitter, I know how my parent’s generation felt when the internet boomed and suddenly everything was all AOL, LOL, and TMI. I feel dumbbbb. And like everyone else magically knows how this whole social media world goes round and I’m all Whaaaa? Can I fax it to you?

Someone please tell me I’m not alone.

I swear I wasn’t this dumb when I worked in PR. I’m amazed at how much social media has changed since I left the workforce in late-2009. Shoot. (Say that with a southern drawl, sheeeeewt).

So, with that, follow me on twitter! Watch me make a fool! Click that little button over there —>

As for my originally intended post, our 30 day vegetarian diet is going swimmingly. J and E are camping tonight (someone obviously put on their crazy pants this morning) and despite my reservations, received my blessing to have hot dogs on the campfire.  Something about the experience, blah, blah, blah.  Not the hill I wanted to die on.

I made the most fantastic meal last night – veggie fried rice – but was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture. It was so, so, SO good, I will most certainly be making it again and will actually note the ingredients and measurements to post. In fact, I may scratch my plan for take out and eat the leftovers tonight (for the second time today).

How tech savvy are you? Any yummy, vegetarian camping foods?


4 thoughts on “I’m a Techie Twerp.

  1. ummm… i definitely don’t know a thing about twitter girl! you are so not alone. in fact, just this week i opted out of facebook! (LOL! Pun intended!) anyways, are you saying you have a night alone? What in the world? Josh is a maniac. an awesome maniac.

    • I know! I really don’t know what to do with myself. It was so boring when they left. B and I just stared at each other. I thought about tweezing my eyebrows but remembered I lost my tweezers after a splinter removal operation. That gives you an idea of how badly they need done.

  2. AS far as the wonderful world of technology. If it wasn’t for my hubby, I would be very very technologically impaired. Who am I kidding I still am. If FB didn’t make us chance to the new time line I would have never changed. I am still completely afraid to change my blogging profile on Google to Google+ because I dont quite understand….. I also remember saying how “these older generations just wont log on to a computer for email”….Know I feel that we are the older generations…..and I wont log on to email….

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