A Random Wednesday Update.

Is it really Wednesday? Where has this week gone?

It has been an unusually hectic week for us with no signs of slowing until August rolls around. And then, it’s more go, go, going.

I have plans tomorrow morning to meet up with a friend visiting from our previous life in Ohio. Dear children, be kind to your mother and please don’t terrorize this sweet couple into never having kids of their own. Tomorrow evening, family arrives for a nice vacation. And on Friday, J and I will be leaving the girls for a much needed, belated anniversary celebration. I’m all kinds of Jessie Spano excited as it will be the first time leaving the girls overnight. But they’ll be in good hands and Drama Baby probably won’t even notice we’re gone until 2 a.m. when she wakes unable to find her binky and screams, convinced it’s somehow my fault and that someone stole it.

In unrelated news, my new replacement diaper bag arrived! It only took three weeks to ship from the warehouse. That’s what happens when I don’t note that itty bitty asterisked “special order” icon.

I chose Indelible Iris print and l-o-v-e it! In case you haven’t noticed from other pictures, the lighting in my kitchen is wretched so, sorry. But it’s a mauve/purple and gold and all sorts of lovely.

In equally unrelated news, I have no less than four loads of clean laundry and two loads of washed diapers piled on my sofa. I’d rather talk about it here than come to terms with the fact the laundry just ain’t gonna fold itself.

It’s so bad, I’ve resorted to child labor. But she’d rather use my kitchen towels as a blanky for Duffy Bear. I’m now rationing her juice and pretzels until she starts pulling her own weight around here.

Can’t make me fold.

But back to this laundry thing. I’ve seen everyone and their mother (except my mother – Hi Momma Sue!) post, pin and blog about homemade laundry soap.  Y’all know I love homemade, natural tips to make life a bit simpler.  But sometimes – just sometimes – simpler isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes buying commercial is worth the sacrifice of simplicity for convenience’s sake. I’ve literally shed blood, sweat and tears trying to make homemade laundry soap work for us.  Ever accidentally grate your thumb while shaving bars of soap? It’s not pleasant. I’m throwing in my stinky, stained towel and buy a bottle of Tide.

Because this post couldn’t possible get more random, I saw this video of a couple seeing each other face-to-face for the first time after meeting and dating online for five years. Five years! They look so young and in love, it made me all weepy/nostalgic to remember the two years J and I dated long-distance.

Give it a few years, dear.

So, that’s it. Happy Wednesday. Thanks for hanging with my random self.


12 thoughts on “A Random Wednesday Update.

  1. wait? why does your laundry soap not work? unless we stink and dont know it (which is entirely possible) i believe it even works on lee’s work clothes! haha. do you have a front loader?

    • I don’t know what it is! We have a HE top loader. Regular clothes don’t smell (I don’t think, anyway) but stains are not coming out. The clothes E wore camping look like they haven’t even been washed! My kitchen towels are what really stink but I’ve noticed that if I use oxyclean, it’s better but I feel like that defeats the purpose of making the soap in the first place, you know? I’m wondering if our water is so hard I need to use more soap. I also don’t use dryer sheets so I’m not getting the nice floral/”clean laundry” smell from those.

      • oh yeah our clothes smell pretty much like nothing when they come out of the wash. You are right about the stains as well. I have never been much of a laundry person and lee knows better than to ask me to get a stain out, i will just give him the evil eye hehe. so, in that case i guess your best bet is skip the grater! one less step!

  2. Hey, I know you do not have a front loader but all washing machines do not have hot enough water to dissolve all of your powdered soap…. In my case this causes very bad issues with in an old homes pipes, not mentioning the left over soap in your washer. All in all, I am just saying to make sure you are careful…

      • Then you are one of the lucky ones…..you can say….. D and I had to clean out our pipes twice know due to massive amounts of powdered detergent. It was a complete mess. So I am scared to try making my own.

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