I survived kayaking and a night out.

Hi, kids! Sorry I’ve been away. We’ve been having loads of fun with our out-of-town visitors but I wanted to pop by and let y’all know I’m still alive and didn’t get eaten by sharks while on our kayaking adventure extraordinaire.

On Friday, J and I had a day/night away from the girls – the first of its kind. It was like the stars aligned: J was able to get time off, we had family willing to take on the challenge of our two SO!MUCH!FUN! children for 24 hours, and a livingsocial voucher for kayaking. J had been trying to get me out on a kayak since 2003 but I have this little oh, no big deal fear of water. I like the ocean where I can see it – below my knees. But I humored him and we set out on a three-hour tour.

We had a rough start to the trip. The rental place was grossly understaffed and it took us about an hour to fill out paperwork, get life jackets and get the kayak loaded in the truck. We decided to paddle out from the southern point of Tybee Island and head towards Little Tybee, an uninhabited island only accessible by water.

Cautiously (foolishly) optimistic.

Initially, the water was pretty rough thanks to some friendly boaters on the Back River. I never realized how significant the wake is from a long-gone boat. I had a few brief moments of panic (terror) but we gained some momentum and the choppy waters calmed. Also, a word of warning, if you are ever in a double kayak, call dibs on the front seat. I got soaked from J’s paddles. No fun.

After a good 15 minutes, we made it across the river to Little Tybee. It was gorgeous!

We walked around the island for a bit and pretended to take artistic photos of the sunbleached driftwood and each other. A camera does not a photographer make, in case you were wondering.

We set back out on the water, a bit more confident in my paddling (and not-panicking) skills. We went through the marsh and checked out the oyster beds before heading back up the river.

At which point, I became incredibly, intensely seasick.  Because I am awesome.

In my defense, there were a TON of boats out and their wakes weren’t a joke.

We decided to head back to the beach and on our way, came across a few dolphins swimming back out to sea. I’ve never, ever been so close to a dolphin that I could actually hear it. So cool, definitely worth the entire trip.

After a quick lunch on the beach and dip in the water, we returned our kayak and mildewy life jackets to the rental place and headed downtown.

Check-in at the hotel wasn’t for a few hours so we killed time by antiquing and indulging on foo-foo drinks from Starbucks.  Salty-skinned and with full, sugary bellies, we managed an early check-in and spent the rest of the afternoon recovering an ice-cold hotel room that I didn’t have to clean and watched television with cable. Yes, we were living in the lap of luxury. You forget how captivating reality tv is when you haven’t seen it in months. J had to pry me away from an Alaska: The Last Frontier marathon and practically drag me out to enjoy the town.

We like each other!

Of course, shortly after leaving the room, one of those fantastic summer pop-up storms hit downtown. Luckily, we found World of Beer and quickly ducked inside.

Yes, those are blueberries.

I enjoyed a SweetWater Blue, complete with frozen blueberries. If you know me and my love for those little blue guys, you know I was as happy as a clam.

The rain stopped and we were off again, exploring. And having photo shoots.

J’s brother and his sweet girlfriend came up for a visit and met us out for dinner, dessert and drinks. We stayed out until the crazy hour of 12 a.m. and honestly, I’m surprised I was able to hang as long as I did. Momma can’t play like she used to.

Saturday morning, we checked out early and made a quick stop at the farmer’s market before heading home to the girls (and relieving the grandparents from crazy-duty).

It was so much fun being away, but it was so sweet to return to this:

And this:

Signing “happy”

I hope your week is treating you well, and is full of lots of “happy.”


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