Forgive me, readers, for I have disappeared. It’s been two weeks since my last blog post.

I haven’t just disappeared from The Lambent Life, part of me feels like it’s been slowly fading over the past month or so. I’ve been a little, je ne sais quoi, off. Tired. Homesick. These hot Georgia summer months make this Yankee girl feel like I’m stuck in the doldrums and yearning for some time up north.

So that’s what we did.

We packed the VDub and made the long, long trek up 77 to that wonderful Keystone State.

Bless her heart.

And we made it home. Home.

What is it about being home that soothes the soul? It’s the smell of the air, the feel of the soil under my feet. It’s the gravel roads and acres upon acres of corn, wheat and soybean fields. It’s a hug from your Momma and built-in playmates for the kiddos. The cool, foggy mornings and the warm afternoons on soft grass. It’s catching fireflies at dark and sleepovers with cousins.

It’s what home is about.

See that spot of land there? That’s where I want to call home.

It’s just down the gravel road from where I grew up. It’s a stones throw from two of my sisters. It’s little peace of heaven on top of a hill.

Georgia, you’ve been good to us. But this country gal wants to go home.

Sadly, this probably won’t happen any time soon. J has a fantastic job and we go where the work takes us and there isn’t much industry left where I grew up. But a girl can dream.

But we had a wonderful week of pony rides, county fairs, tea parties and daytime dates. A week full of memories to get me through these lonely times.

I’m back.


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