A reason to celebrate.

We confirmed sweet little B had a severe milk allergy last December. She sensitized to the milk protein when she was 4 months old although we didn’t know exactly the culprit at the time. We thought maybe it was a wheat allergy, followed by a false-positive to peanuts and finally, just before Christmas, confirmed with her allergist that it was “just” a milk allergy. Best Christmas gift, ever.

At her check up in earlier this summer, we knew her milk allergy was still hanging on strong. We had accidentally gave her some bread that contained a significant amount of butter and milk and oh my, did she react. Hives, eczema flares and such an upset belly.

But would you believe it if I told you that when we traveled a few weeks ago, this girl ate real, cow’s milk cheese and yogurt without a speck of trouble? I couldn’t. But she did.

We’ve given her bits since then, little tastes of cheddar and cottage cheese. She isn’t a big fan of cheese, which is okay by me. She’s had baked goods that we know contain butter, which is eats with such ferocity I have to pull my fingers away quickly lest that get nipped. Today, she even ate Annie’s mac & cheese.

She’ll probably never be a big dairy eater. At least not on my watch. After all the research over those first few months, I know that cow’s milk really isn’t necessary in our diets and a lot of people have sensitivities and intolerances to it without even realizing it. I’ve also heard of something called the “allergy bucket theory” when your body doesn’t have an allergic reaction until your “bucket” is full – that is, you’ve been exposed to enough of the allergen that your bucket spills over resulting in a reaction. But unless we’re loading her up on grilled cheese followed by a Ben & Jerry’s binge, I think she’ll be okay.

Her eczema patches are clearing up and even her “allergy eyes” are improving. Her body is still quite sensitive and will release histamines at the first sign of an invader – poor girl can’t handle mosquito or gnat bites – but because her body isn’t reacting to the dairy, we’re so hopeful the worst is over. It’s certainly a reason to celebrate.

She’s growing up.


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