In Georgia, our seasons are as follows: Almost summer (yay! flowers bloom!), summer (my face is melting off), still summer (really tired of sweating), and not summer (breezy and damp).

Whilst the better half of the country is finally getting a break from the incessant sweating, we are still consistently breaking 90° everyday. But the reprieve is coming soon. I can feel it in my (sweaty) bones.

I never really appreciated fall until moving here. That season I once knew is now a mere memory of foliage, honey crisp apples and fall harvest. I never thought I’d actually miss getting stuck in traffic behind a combine on its way to the fields. Yet here I am, and I do.

Because I really have no other option, I’m calling it quits on summer and pretending fall has arrived. There has been lots of soup making, bread baking and cinnamon dashing. I have the air conditioning cranked and the ceiling fans whirling at full speed to create a faux chill. I’m burning apple and spice candles and ignoring the fact we are still all wearing tank tops, shorts and the occasional bathing suit.

But our present autumn isn’t all that terrible. The sweat still runs down my back every time I buckle the kids in their car seats but the prolonged warm weather means one fantastic thing: the fall garden.

We are lucky to be blessed with multiple planting seasons because our spring garden did horribly. As in, we only successfully grew jalapeños, mint and a brief bit of cilantro. We talked to our farmer and tapped the infinite wisdom of the folks over at Hester & Zipperer and came up with what I hope is a better game plan for our fall garden. We tested our soil and discovered the pH was far too alkaline and was devoid of nitrogen, phosphorus AND potassium – a pretty big deal. We were really frustrated because we spent so.much.time (and money) building up our sandy soil but, alas, it is what it is. A few weekends’ worth of work later, our garden is in and growing nicely.

We have butternut squash, spinach, kale, three varieties of tomatoes, yellow squash and green beans planted. We’re praying this garden yields enough that we’ll be able to squirrel away enough to enjoy throughout or “not summer” months.

kale, volunteer mint from 2010, butternut squash
Enjoy the season of life you are in. Don’t wish it away on a past or future season. This is your season for a purpose. Discover it and be content. Take the time and see the blessing.


3 thoughts on “Fall-ing.

  1. Currently in middle TN and the heat here has been dreadful…I think we’re finally beginning to see a break as we haven’t been in the mid-90s everyday and the nights are cooler. The plants seem to really be enjoying the break as well as they’re all looking better…I really thought this year was going to be a bust when it heated up so fast and most of it refused to grow. Hope your garden produces better this time around!

      • Oh, I hope so! Mine was doing well until I went out of town and it was under the care of another. I think it’s just beginning to really recover and I’m just tired of it by now! Lol. I live in an apartment, so have limited growing space…so I’m close to ripping it out to make room for carrots and lettuce or something shorter. Haha. Here’s to the cool evenings though!

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