I have my own theme song.

I have a theme song. It’s sort of embarrassing.

Whenever I’m tasked with a job I just.can’t.stand., I find myself singing Dory’s song from Nemo. Not familiar with it?

I love that movie and can’t wait until E is old enough to watch it. I think she would love the storyline but I can’t handle having her up with nightmares about a glow in the dark piranha. I already have one kid that doesn’t sleep through the night – at almost 18 months! I bet that makes you feel better about your kid. You’re welcome. Anyway.

So I have this theme song. When I have to bust out the broom and sweep under my kitchen table for the fourth time – seriously -before lunch time, I find myself singing “just keep sweeping, sweeping, sweeping, la, la, la-la, laaaaa!”

Usually this little ditty stays within the confines of my own mind but occasionally, it slips from my lips for all the world to hear. The best place? At the grocery store with two screaming kids in the shopping cart. “Just keep shopping, shopping, shopping, la, la, la-la, LAAA!”

The kids immediately stop their nonsense. Other shoppers look at me out of the corners of their eyes and steer clear of the crazy lady making a beeline for the wine aisle. It’s a win-win.

Any crazy habits you care to share?


2 thoughts on “I have my own theme song.

  1. Liz, I also have borrowed this theme song in similar situations. But at least you change the verb to suit your action. I usually repeat it verbatim, and I am usually not swimming. Ellen’s…er, Dori’s…voice is so just so darn catchy. I also like to say, “I shall call you Squishy and you shall be my Squishy” to dogs. Finding Nemo = super quotable.

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