Another Random Wednesday Update.

It feels like the hours are dragging but the days are passing by too quickly. Our Sundays are filled with church and family time, Mondays belong to preschool, Tuesday’s highlight is soccer and Wednesday we’re back to preschool. Next thing I know, we’re rounding out the week into the weekend and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. So settle in for another edition of Random Wednesday Update.

After Monday’s freak out, Tuesday was much calmer. I think it’s wonderful that after an incredibly crummy day, God sometimes blesses me with an incredibly calm one the next day. Not always, but sometimes. And I’ll take that. I went back to the doctor on Tuesday for my blood draw and not only was I in and out quickly, they were gracious enough to not mention the previous day’s lid-flipping. Since the girls were at mom’s morning out for a few hours, I made use of the free time with a game I like to play called “pretend we have money and go try on clothes we can’t afford.” It’s a really fun game until I actually find something I like and have to put it back on the rack. Womp, womp, womp. Savannah finally caught up to the 2000s and opened a Kohl’s last weekend so I brought up myself up to speed on what the rest of America’s soccer moms are working with. I finished out the morning with lunch with J sans kiddos (weee!) and then everyone took a nap. Except J, who insists they expect him to go back to work after lunch. Pssssht.

E started soccer last week and, if I may brag a bit, girl is good. I guess she inherited her father’s mad soccer skills because we all know this Momma isn’t coordinated enough to play a team sport. She is still figuring out that she is supposed to take the ball from the other players, which is pretty funny when you consider I’ve spent the previous three years insisting she share. But she is fast. We may have a track star on our hands.

Today, B had her very first toddler-only play date and homegirl had FUN! Of course I took zero pictures (sorry, second child) but I couldn’t believe how well she got along with the other kids considering her typical reaction towards other diaper-wearers. More and more often, I’m certain she’s conspiring with Honest Toddler.

In other big B news, her beloved binky is hitting the road come Friday evening. This will probably make several bad situations (read: sleeping and separation anxiety) worse but it’s time for some tough love. I’m feeling incredibly sad about this as it officially marks the end of baby-hood in my book. Then again, I’m weak and Monday morning may roll around with that chunk of plastic still between her kissable wittle lippies.

J is taking some vacation time early next week so we can catch up on some family time and hopefully scratch a few home projects off the ole to-do list. We’re finally admitting defeat and have to buy a new dishwasher. It is supposed to make housework easier but instead I’m left with a pile of towels to wash thanks to the buckets of water it pours onto my kitchen floor each time it runs. Maybe I can consider it like mopping the floor and kill two birds with one stone? Meh. I’d rather have less laundry.

And, lastly, I’ve decided to unfriend/hide any Facebook friends that post spoilers for popular television shows. I cannot divert my eyes quickly enough when people start talking about last night’s Parenthood or Sons of Anarchy (yes, we have eclectic television taste). Don’t these people realize we don’t have cable or a DVR and have to wait for the episode to hit Hulu or Netflix with the rest of the cheapwads?! Every week, repeat offenders. It’s on; consider this your warning. My mouse is hovering over that little “x.”

How is that for random?

Happy Wednesday, y’all. 


2 thoughts on “Another Random Wednesday Update.

  1. SOA is ca-razy this week! I just watched the episode from this week and couldn’t believe it. I also take pride in my random shows: SOA, Modern Family, House Hunters, and The Voice. And, my husband also watches all of those – ha!

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