Meet Lu.

In the past 24 hours, our family has grown to include four very large and furry paws.

Meet Lu.


We found this sweet girl via PetFinder at the animal control shelter one county over. I had been looking casually for a few weeks but hadn’t found that little furry face that made my heart go pitter-patter. Until Lu.

Actually, the truth be told, it was J’s heart of stone that melted into little puddles of baby-talk and ear scratchings. Which is rare, I assure you.

I’m really surprised by how quickly it happened. We’re the type of people who research the heck out of everything. Typically, we would a.) spend loads of time researching the breed(s), b.) quickly talking ourselves out of said breed(s) for any number of reasons, whether valid or not, c.) eventually get the dog anyway. So we saved ourselves the trouble and skipped steps “a” and “b” and found ourselves with a new family member over the span of 3 hours.

Once we visited the shelter, there was no way we were going home without this girl. The place itself was clean and the staff was very kind and knowledgeable. But this girl spent the past month of her life on a concrete slab with her two siblings. The vet guesses her to be barely 3 months so that means she was dumped when she was just 7 or 8 weeks old. Heartbreaking.

I have no clue what mix of breeds she’s rocking. Animal control had her listed as a Mountain Cur/hound. Friends have suggested lab, pit bull, great dane (heaven help us!), whippet and Weimaraner. At today’s vet check, the doctor very confident she’s mainly Weimaraner while the tech swore on pit. So, who knows the mysteries of this girl’s origins – I just know she’s the sweetest pup I’ve ever owned.

She was so weak and shell-shocked from being ditched at a shelter. She spent the first 12 hours refusing or unable to walk anywhere and just laid next to us on the floor. She’s slowly warmed up to us and has started showing some puppy love by chewing on absolutely everything in sight including the girls’ toys, a  sports bra I thought was missing, E’s pajamas (while she was wearing them), a towel, J’s iPhone (!) and sidewalk chalk.

The girls absolutely adore her. E swears she is her pet and pats her head while whispering, “good boy” (we’re working on that whole gender thing).  We’re working on her shyness but I think she’ll continue to warm up once she realizes this is her forever home. I’ve been feeling really nervous running in our neighborhood so I look forward to having a jogging buddy in a few weeks.

What breed do you see in Lu? Do you have any pets? 





10 thoughts on “Meet Lu.

  1. She is SO cute! My heart would have melted too. =) I see Weimaraner too, and maybe a little bit of lab because her head doesn’t seem as narrow as a Weimaraner? Who know. Breed matters so little when you have an amazing, loveable dog!

  2. Goodness, she is adorable! I see weimaraner, definitely, in the color of her fur. Maybe she has a bit of pitbull in her. Time will tell! Good for you guys for adopting. You should totally submit her to the Daily Puppy, by the way 😉

    I’m sure she will come out of her shell, too. Our pup Kiva had a traumatic puppyhood and thus, a shy couple of first days at her new “forever home.” Now, she is a ball of energy and trusts the family completely.

    Also, this is the best gift you could give your kids. Teaching them to love and care for pets at a young age will instill a lifelong bond with animals. I think it’s so important! Congratulations on your new family member!

    • Thanks, Jorie! As she’s warming up, B is becoming more and more terrified of her, ha! They’ll get used to each other I’m sure – just hopefully soon 🙂 It doesn’t help matters that when Lu jumps, she’s taller than the little one.

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