Giveaway: Savannah’s Color Vibe 5K!

You know those fun runs where you get decked out in white and run for your life while people pelt you with colored powder? They’ve been popping up across the country and are supposed to be a blast. It’s a nice break for the competitive runner and an ego boost for anyone who thinks races are too intense.

I just got word via Savannah’s Moms Run This Town that Color Vibe is bringing one of these awesome 5Ks to Savannah on December 8 at Hutchison Island. Registration just opened and the first 100 registrants using the code “MOMSRUNSAVANNAH” will get 25% discount. Which is awesome.

How fun does this look?

What’s better is you have the chance to win one of six free race entries through Moms Run This Town bloggers just like yours truly. We’ll be giving away one a week and I will direct you to the blog of the week each time a new raffle begins. Got it?

The Savannah MRTT chapter has been a great way to get feedback and exchange running advice with other moms near me. It’s been hard to meet up with these ladies with J’s current workaholic status but I hope to run with them soon. There are chapters all over the country and if there isn’t one in your area, it’s really easy to start one. Oh, and it’s for moms of both the two- and four-legged variety.

I’m really excited about this race, if you can’t tell. I’m running the Reindeer Run 8K the following weekend which will be my first real race post-babies and The Color Vibe 5K will be a great way to ease myself back into things. And if you’re nutso like me and wondering, the powder they use is actually food grade cornstarch and 100% biodegradable and safe. Which was important to my crazy self. 

Because I’m technologically challenged, we’re gonna rock this giveaway old school. You will have three chances to win. Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on October 20.

Here’s how to enter:

1.) Leave a comment and tell me your favorite color
2.) Click the “follow me” button to your right (—>) to receive blog updates from The Lambent Life. Leave a comment telling me you did so.
3.) “Like” Color Vibe on Facebook and leave me another comment telling me you did so.

Ta-da, you’ll have three entries for this giveaway.

Disclosure: Color Vibe and Savannah Moms Run This Town are providing a free race entry for me and one to giveaway. As always, my thoughts and opinions are all my own.


52 thoughts on “Giveaway: Savannah’s Color Vibe 5K!

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  2. How special. My favorite color is yellow. I also like green, purple, most shades of brown and aracauna egg blue. I haven’t run since my soccer days… no, actually i ran in Colorado… a lot, but not since E’s crazy birth… However, I will be oh so close to Hutchinson and I’d love some incentive to move my rear and since we’re living on a farmer budget (it’s slim but the perks are great), free is great. The end.

  3. Oh, I subscribed to your blog the first time you picked up a share for a friend (because that’s how I found it) and that’s also how I know that you like screen door chalkboards and sweet potatoes;)

  4. Ok I left my color, Im following you but had to sign up because I dont tweet till now and liked the color vibe now fingers and toes crossed. 😉

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