I like old stuff.

Savannah is the second place we’ve lived that has also been the home to large universities and colleges. Wherever we may move in the future, it is really important to me that there are also healthy colleges/universities calling it home. These institutions give back so much to the community and not just in terms of revitalization or revenue. The collection of personalities and interests and talents from across the country results in this vibe that can’t be squashed. New breath is constantly being provided to the community. These young adults are still passionate about causes and haven’t yet been jaded and burdened by it all. And it certainly keeps things interesting.  I don’t understand a lot of it but much of it is appreciated.

Because of Savannah’s rich history and large college population, there is great homage paid to a certain selection of American kitsch that elsewhere often goes unappreciated. Thanks, hipsters. And so our antique shops are incredible.

I’ve always loved antique shops but since the kiddos could tear down entire shops in mere minutes, I haven’t had much time to browse recently. When I get the chance to do so kid-free, I jump at the opportunity to peruse uninterrupted. So many pieces give me a thick layer nostalgia toward my childhood and random things take me right back to my grandparent’s home. When these things weren’t vintage or throw-back – they just were.

Last week, J took some much needed and deserved time off and we had the rare pleasure of a day date. We had some time to kill before our lunch at Green Truck Pub and moseyed across the parking lot to my favorite antique shop in town.

How incredible is this table? I love how they upscaled this kitchen counter into an entryway table with removeable wire baskets. I really wanted to buy the screen door-framed chalkboard but I know I can make it for much cheaper after reading Nicole’s DIY chalkboard tutorial.

Am I the only one that loves vintage advertisements and promotional pieces? Maybe it’s the PR/marketing nerd in me. Seeing all the retro kids books makes me wish I would have kept more of mine growing up. Why don’t kids appreciate the true value of things?

How awesome is this clock? If I wasn’t certain B would try to shimmy her way up the cord, this thing would have came home with me. I swear my grandparents had a clock just like this in their kitchen.

Are you an “antiquer”? Do you live in a college town? Do you see a correlation?




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