The stick and berry diet.

In my super-vague and semi-cryptic post last week, I told you that we’re rethinking some stuff with B’s health after a visit with a new pediatrician. In the grand scheme of health concerns, it isn’t a big deal. She doesn’t have cancer. She doesn’t have any life-altering autoimmune disorders. She just has a really wacked out immune system and a gut that has been put through the ringer. We’ve had some time to process, research and figure out a new course of action.

When B was a wee babe, she started getting reoccurring ear infections at four months old. This coincided with what we thought was silent reflux and intense, horrible reactions after each set of vaccinations. Needless to say, this poor girl and momma were incredibly stressed over the never-ending antibiotics and sleepless nights. Finally, at 8 months or so, we determined she had a milk allergy and life adjusted accordingly. After a few months completely dairy-free, her eczema cleared and ear infections cleared. But something was still off. It no longer seemed like dairy was the main culprit. In fact, in August we thought it had cleared itself (most kids grow out of dairy allergies by age 2). Our pediatrician didn’t seem overly concerned about our concerns and continued to push us to do things outside of our comfort zone. We so decided to switch to a different doctor who practices a bit differently than most mainstream doctors.

Which brings us to last week’s visit.

Because of the rounds and rounds of antibiotics B needed for her ear infections, her gut has more or less been wiped clear of any good bacteria that is needed for healthy digestion, immune support and even neurological health (crazy, right?). I have been giving her probiotics faithfully but they haven’t been enough to repair all the damage that was done. So now the pediatrician has her on loads of vitamins and supplements along with a heavy-duty probiotic.

But the kicker is that he wants her entirely dairy- (of course), soy-, and gluten-free.

Remember how we don’t really eat a lot of meat?

Yeah. We eat a lot of whole grains.

My kid is going to be hungry.

I suppose she can still eat sticks and berries. Wait, are sticks gluten-free? With my luck, probably not. Maybe she can have some dirt.

My reaction over the past week has been entirely selfish. I don’t want to have to spend $11 for three cups of almond flour. I don’t want to have to eat more meat. I don’t want to be that mom that has a laundry list of dietary restrictions and rules to read off any time I leave my kid for 15 minutes. I don’t want to have to deal with this.

I had reached a point where I was really comfortable and happy with our dietary choices. I really enjoyed spending the afternoon baking delicious, healthy and gluten-laden goodies for my family.

So, we’re reevaluating. B’s diet is getting an overhaul. I’m adjusting my attitude.

It’s going to be fine.

It seems like the new doctor is confident this will be a short-term problem and things will eventually return to normal. Whatever that is.

So, tell me dear readers, what are your favorite gluten-, soy- and dairy-free vegetarian meals?

We’re eating a lot of beans, rice and starchy veggies like squash and potatoes.


9 thoughts on “The stick and berry diet.

  1. Raw food diet? All the celebs do it…nuts, berries, veggies, fruit and fish…all raw, as found in nature. Poor B! Liz, you are a great Mama. B is a lucky lady, even if she has to go gluten, dairy free or a bit!

  2. I know from previous conversations you’re not super interested in the Paleo diet, but there are some PHENOMENAL recipes that are dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free. You can still make delicious baked goods, just with new ingredients. It’s really not that bad of a transition and you absolutely do NOT have to feel deprived. Check out the following websites for some delicious recipes that B can totally eat:


    And you have my number (and email address) if you need any additional information. I’ll give you our favorite recipes and help you get back into the kitchen baking delicious gluten-free baked goods.

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