Today, I felt such contentment and simple joy that on several occasions I had to stop for a moment and think to myself, “Am I allowed to feel so relaxed and happy? Yes. Were there puppies were harmed in the making of today’s happiness? No.”


It was a rarer than rare day with no deadlines overshadowing my thoughts and no burdens weighing on my soul.

It was simple sort of day. J and the girls left the house early for CSA pickup and a trip to the farmer’s market for (and inevitably a few swings on the playground). This meant I had two whole glorious hours of silence to shower and dress before today’s main event: a baby shower for my dear friend Amie.

I talk about this lady so much, I’m beginning to think that perhaps she should be the one writing this blog.

Amie is the sweetest person I have ever met. Hands down. And this lucky lady is expecting her third child in a few short weeks. So a small group of us gathered at a tea room in town to celebrate this little fella’s impending arrival.

How cute is that belly? And how skinny is her face? If any pregnant woman is to be blessed with both, I’m glad it is her.

The food was amazing, the company incomparable. The unbelievably itty bitty suspenders and matching hat were too much for me to bear.

There is something indescribably organic, entirely cellular about the joy that radiating from today’s expectant Momma’s entire being that is impossibly infectious.

After our celebratory brunch, we all said adieu and my friend Mariah and I had an impromptu stroll up and down Broughton Street. There were no children interrupting with their incessant “whys.” No phone calls from the Papas wondering when we will return. Just one potty break (for me, alone!) and one pit stop for a refreshment (at World of Beer, with no complaints). Sunshine! Laughter!

What does one do when there is nothing to be done?

You enjoy it.


One thought on “Joy.

  1. A very simple and pleasurable post! I have to say, I just watched a bit of Eat, Pray, Love and the Quote you said “what does one do when there is nothing to be done?” reminds me of one of the lessons in the movie. The quote in English is to have a day of Sweet Nothing In Italian: “dolce far niente”. It seems as if you had one of those days, I hope you have many more, maybe not days but hours at least 🙂

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