For Granted.

I tend to get wrapped up in the big, show-stealing moments in life that I usually fail to recognize the wonderful comfort in the predictable and easy. I shouldn’t go through life this way because the easy is few and far between and it isn’t until the easy becomes not so easy that I recognize its value.

E has always been a pretty healthy kiddo but whatever illness she has contracted has her down for the count. After two days of high fevers and a cough that is too legit to quit, I broke down and called her pediatrician for an appointment. We were graced with a parting gift in the form of a brand spanking new nebulizer and a script for some heavy-duty, codeine-laced cough syrup.

For real?


This is supposed to be my healthy child.

We had our first breathing treatment at the office and it did not go well, to say the least.

And the worst part?

Knowing that whatever virus that has hit her so hard will probably set its sights on B and me next.


I’m cooking up a storm in preparation for additional sick bodies. Tonight’s dinner was the world’s most expensive chicken and rice soup with chicken breasts from the co-op. Then, I got in a quick 2 mile run in case this thumping my head and tickle in my throat are indicators of what is around the corner for me.

And then I waited an hour to pick up the medicine for E’s nebulizer. An hour. At dinner time. In sweaty clothes.

A girl with her nebulizer. She decorated it herself.

Fortunately, this evening’s breathing treatment went smoother than this morning’s. Thanks to Bubble Guppies on Momma’s phone and a strong snuggle from Daddy.

I’m not taking the good for granted. This life is too hard and filled with too many struggles to not appreciate a bit of ease. And I’m grateful.


2 thoughts on “For Granted.

  1. Hang in there, Liz. I once had walking pneumonia as a teen and had to use a nebulizer. You’ll be happy to know it worked really well at battling my body-shaking cough, in conjunction with antibiotics to get rid of the fluid in my lungs. I only used the nebulizer a handful of times before I was back to normal.

    I hope E has an even speedier recovery.

    • I hope so. She did seem better after last night’s treatment and her breathing isn’t nearly as labored. I became really freaked out when both the nurse and pharmacist told me she’ll likely have asthma – really?! The girl is hardly ever sick and when she is, it’s never a respiratory problem. Do you have any trouble with asthma?

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