Running fevers. And a race.

We’re now on day 5… or perhaps day 6… of the most stubborn virus in recent memory. E was feeling better yesterday so she went to preschool but apparently was having downright violent coughing fits throughout the morning and developed another fever by dinner.

Not one to sit in the shadows, B joined in on her sister’s antics and showed up to the party with a fever of her own along with a matching cough and runny nose.

Everyone is grumpy and stir crazy and I’m certain we’ve logged a record number of hours watching Netflix.

At one point today, I became so desperate that I actually Googled, “how to entertain sick preschoolers.” Results? Not so helpful.

“Sick boxes” with special, quiet toys. My grumpy, fevered children would promptly throw the quiet toys at me until I turned Arthur back on.

So we made puppets out of brown bags, drew pictures of scary monster-like Santas and collected every single puzzle piece we own in our Easter basket. Momma is going to have lots of fun cleaning up that mess.

E will miss her last soccer game this evening. I’m sort of relieved. Please don’t tell me that makes me a bad mom.

I’m hoping and praying and resting so that I don’t get hit as hard with this sickness. I’m running the Trail of Hope 5K/10K on Saturday benefitting Covenant Care Adoptions. I was regretting registering for the 5K since my weekly long runs have been over six miles but I’m relieved I underestimated myself with the tightness in my chest.

**It’s not too late to register for the Trail of Hope event on Saturday – registration closes at midnight tonight. This benefits a wonderful organization that gives hope to both pregnant women and families looking to adopt. There will be activities for kids and a children’s fun run. If you’d like to register or donate via PayPal, click here.**


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