Time Out.

This Momma needs a time out.

And not of the discipline variety. Of course, I probably could use a bit more discipline in my blasé approach to most everything in life.

No, I just need time out of the ordinary, the routine, the expected, the necessary. Time to sit back. To reevaluate. To rest.

This time of year is hectic for everyone. We, by no means, have over-the-top holidays in this house but even our scaled down festivities have my head spinning. There are traditions to keep, people. Bake those cookies! Watch ALL the movies! Sip hot chocolate while looking at Christmas lights and NONOISEFROMTHEBACKSEAT – SILENCE!!!!

I feel like every other thought goes back to yesterday’s unfathomable tragedy at Sandy Hook. We live in such a fallen world. It hurts my heart and in the very bottom of my belly in the worst imaginable way. It makes me want to draw the curtains and never let my babies out of my sight.

It’s supposed to be the hap-happiest season of all. And yet there is so much sadness. The evil in this world doesn’t care. But I need to care. My girls are too young to really understand what’s happening but they do understand when Momma is acting weird.

There is so much in this life that I have to do. So if there is something I don’t want to do, I am not going to do it. Unapologetically. Because there are only so many hours in a day and there are other things that aren’t priorities that should be. Like watching Mary Poppins with my family – who, for the record, could care less if I bake five varieties of cookies this Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Time Out.

  1. Completely agree with you on all counts. I’m not an over-achiever when it comes to Christmas…we decorate the house/tree, we bake together, and we watch Elf. Last week I was the most stressed I’ve ever been, prepping/hosting an early Christmas dinner the night before Jon’s graduation. I felt the stress throughout my whole body…it was horrible. =( I think there is a lot of pressure this time of year, especially on women: cleaning, decorating, cooking, and the majority of the gift shopping. *sighs* I loved my childhood Christmases, but I’m sure they were a lot of work for my mom. It’s crazy how much you can appreciate that in retrospect!

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