The Tale of a Lackadaisical Liz.

I spent the month of December doing not much of anything.

I let the willpower slide. My normal routine was really nonexistent and I wasn’t particularly  unconcerned with making myself do anything I really didn’t want to do.

It was wonderful.

After a mini-meltdown triggered by my own holiday pressure, I cut myself some slack and just enjoyed things. I forgave myself for my shortcomings. I didn’t stress about being the best or most ambitious. I just enjoyed things.

There is time for hard work and discipline. But there is a season to sit back, enjoy and reflect on what’s been learned and experienced, gained and missed. It’s necessary.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I didn’t run a lot. But I did eat a lot. I spent evenings lazy on the couch with J. We traveled and spent time with family and played in the snow.



SONY DSCSONY DSCAgain, it was fantastic.

I wish I could continue on like this but the joy in rest only comes after the hard work.

Back to life as we previously know it.

I’m rested. I’m excited.

Happy 2013.


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