The holiday hangover.

Does anyone else’s child had a hard time adjusting after the holidays?

Around here, we call it the holiday hangover.

We’re in the thick of it.

The treats, toys and getting spoiled by the grandparents has thrown poor E for a loop. Preschool began again yesterday and she was a absolute wreck afterwards. Everything was a battle – taking of our shoes, eating lunch (which she picked!), getting settled for an afternoon rest took three times longer than normal. And it was more than the typical delays or requests for a few more minutes to play. I’m talking about whining, tears and gibberish.


It was a stressful day for B, too.

She got her first head wound.

Man, those suckers, bleed.


Thank goodness for Strawberry Shortcake bandages and boo-boo bunnies.

Today was a slight improvement.

In my efforts to get B more socialized, we tried a new (to us) music and movement class. At $7, it seemed like a relatively cheap and noncommittal way to meet new people. E loved it. B? Not so much.

She didn’t hate it. She just didn’t know what to make of these crazy people shaking instruments and playing under a parachute. We’ll try it again.

I suppose I have a bit of a holiday hangover, as well. It probably has something to do with being away from home for a while paired with the chilly (for us sissy southerners) weather. But lately I just want to spend our days at home. Cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids sounds like the best way to spend our days.

Have you recovered from the holidays? 


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