Hand wash only.

My fingers are permanently pruned. My skin is itchy and dry. My finger nails? Forget about them. Peeled down to nothingness.

Our dishwasher bit the dust.

More accurately, I’m the new dishwasher.

Our house is older and when we bought the house three years ago, we the appliances would need a bit of updating while we resided under its roof. In that time, we haven’t had any real trouble. Aside from a furnace. And the washing machine. And the other time the dishwasher broke.

No really, it’s a great house. I suppose it got tired of waiting for us to have those extra funds needed to update things according to our original timeline. These kids keep needing new shoes and haircuts and unbelievably expensive dietary supplements. Really, who has the money lying around for a new dishwasher? It’s not even an exciting appliance like a new vacuum or washing machine. (Writing that sentence makes me feel incredibly adult and boring.)

I’ve been spending the bulk of my time spent hunched over the sink scrubbing away and it’s made me much more conscious of how many dishes we use every day. Do the girls really need a new fork at each meal? How dirty is a sippy cup that contains just water? I think they are some gray areas.

Honestly, I don’t mind washing the dishes. It just takes awhile.

We ordered a new dishwasher but it won’t be in until next Monday. J is planning to install it himself which means it most likely won’t be in until the following weekend.

There is a lot of dishwashing in my future.

For your viewing pleasure, a picture of my current favorite. Because she leaves me no dirty dishes to wash.


Pay no mind to her creepy ghost eyes.

Lu, my lovely Lu. The joy this sweet, mangy dog has brought us is immeasurable.  She’s now a solid 35 pounds and has no concept of her size. She lets E play doctor and pull her legs, ears and tail. On any given day, she can be found acting stand-in as: a jungle gym, a pillow, a trampoline, a horse, a princess, a shield and so on.

The verdict is till out on her breed but my current guess is a Weimaraner/hound mix.

What a lovely mutt.


5 thoughts on “Hand wash only.

  1. We haven’t had a dishwasher in this house, fortunately I have teenagers to wash the dishes, unfortunately that requires constant nagging. Fingers crossed we’ll have one by the end of the month,I’m actually excited about it, hope yours is in soon.
    Your dog is beautiful.

  2. Lovely mutt indeed, Liz! What a cutie.

    There is nothing worse than handwashing…I didn’t have a dishwasher in my apartment in college, so I had to handwash dishes for three years and it was. the. worst. I know I’m being a baby because I barely cooked (and you cook for an entire family!) but I can feel your pain.

  3. Lu is GORGEOUS. =) Handwashing dishes is such a pain. When Kenzie was first born we didn’t have one (and I exclusively pumped milk), which made for HOURS of hand-washing. Urgh.

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