How to get dropped from your pediatrician’s care.

I’ve been under the impression that it takes quite a lot of bad behavior to get fired, divorced, or dismissed from a doctor’s care.

Apparently it doesn’t. I can’t speak to the first two but I’ve learned it’s rather easy to tick off a pediatrician enough to be dropped from his practice.


One week after making this comment in a private forum (a closed Facebook group), I received a certified letter dismissing my children from the practice. Not just mine – several families, apparently. There are eyes everywhere, my friends.

My comment was in response to a post by other mother who was griping about a less than stellar experience with the office staff at this practice. I decided to commiserate. Which didn’t play out as I had expected. Apparently some other mothers in the private group like this doctor so much, they decided to take the conversation offline and personally inform him of our, uh, dissatisfaction.

What I didn’t mention in my comment – but may as well have since we were nixed anyway – is that I had called the office twice prior to the appointment and asked to reschedule because of the number of sick patients they were seeing. I was assured and reassured that our appointment didn’t need to be rescheduled.

The kicker? B spiked a wicked persistent fever two days after our not-a-doctor’s-visit visit.  Which was awesome. Waiting room germs rock.

Perhaps I should have requested a conversation with the office manager when I determined we would need to reschedule.

But here is irony of it all: I knew how busy the entire office was dealing with the influx of sick patients. I didn’t want to be that patient that halts patient care just so the staff can apologize to make me feel better. My complaint wouldn’t have changed the way the not-a-doctor’s-visit visit happened. I thought I was being courteous by leaving them to do their jobs and swallowing my frustration.

It’s better this way. I’d rather have a doctor who cares for patients over a silly Facebook post in a Facebook group (of which I’ve since removed myself. Too much drama for this mama). And I certainly won’t make the mistake of silencing my frustration in an attempt to be understanding.

Good grief.

So, to the mommas out there – hug your pediatricians a bit tighter. Enjoy the crinkly paper of an exam room table. Ask for an extra sticker. You never know when a visit may be your last.

How do you find a pediatrician? Word of mouth? Google? Any Facebook drama?


12 thoughts on “How to get dropped from your pediatrician’s care.

  1. We found our pediatrician by asking for recommendations from my women’s health practice. After that, I vetted the list by googling their names and asking about experiences with them on local online forums. Our pediatrician thus far has been wonderful and his office staff have been very helpful.

  2. That is the craziest story I have heard in a looooong time! Good riddance to what is clearly an insecure, self-centered, uncaring pediatrician, and as for those moms who ratted you all out….they are the kind that give women a reputation for cat-y-ness! Lame, lame, lame!

    • The whole thing is so absurd and surreal. He’s very much old school and of the “my way or the highway” mentality. A LOT of people love him and, well, good for them. I just hope none of them utter a word of irritation to anyone.

  3. OMG! I can’t believe they dimissed you over this post. You weren’t really rude in that post. You were frustrated with the situation and you vented. You didnt bash the doctor. And being 9 patients behind is HUGE! I’m sure you wouldn’t be the only one who thought a phone call would have been the appropiate measure to take in this type of situation. And a doctor’s office should know that there will be complaints and vents along the way (no one can please everyone) and the mature thing to do is not to immediately dismiss a patient over something as small as a simple vent that wasn’t rude. I think this is definitely a blessing in disguise even though finding a new doctor can be a pain.

    On a side note: We are looking for a pediatrician and have no idea where to go, or look for a really good one. So if you hear of some great ones, I’m all ears 😉

  4. Ummm. That is insane! I currently love my pediatrician. LOVE. In fact, it’s kind of weird how awesome he is. But, I have had ones I don’t love. The only thing I don’t love is that he doesn’t have a “sick” waiting area (I think that should be a law…well, that might be extreme, but it should be required) I do cringe every time we go in thinking someone will get sick. You’re better off it sounds like! My pediatrician was referred to me by my old pediatrician (had to move)

    • That’s a BIG deal for me. The first pediatrician we had while living here didn’t have that and I was constantly wiping the girls’ hands. We’d go in for a diaper rash and leave with hand, foot and mouth. No thanks!

  5. Liz, do you know Shelly Carruth? If not, Amie knows her. She RAVES about her Pediatrician. I forget what it’s called, but apparently they are Christians and have these killer rooms that are themed. She sent me a picture of the farm room one day (I think that’s what it was), and there is a barn BUILT IN THERE, with farm toys and stuff. When the kids play with the toys, the nurses and doctor instruct you to leave them out so that they can sterilize them before the next patient comes in. It looked amazing and I was getting ready to switch there before we moved. Find out who it is and see if they would be a good match. Good luck! And sorry that happened. That group is WAY too much drama for this mama too. I stopped getting notifications a LONG time ago.

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