I remember when I lost my mind.

Is it really Friday?! Even though it was business as usual on Monday, the holiday threw my days off and I’ve been functioning a day behind since then. I’ve been playing catch up and working a few things over in my mind to the point that I feel nuts.

I’ve had a post drafted and ready to go since Wednesday but I was sort of sick of it when I came back to publish it. Sometimes I spend so much time thinking about and writing on a topic, I’m over it before it even gets published. All that time and energy and it just didn’t feel right. Probably my least favorite part of blogging. Does that happen to anyone else?

I’m starting to think that any time I publish something, the universe catches wind and comes around to change my perspective or experience. It’s making me a little leery of every making definitive statements in any public fashion. Or even thinking them.

There are going to be some changes coming to The Lambent Life over the next few weeks. Don’t fret – I’m not going anywhere. Physically or on the blogosphere.

I’m short on time as we’re getting ready to go to a “nice” dinner with the whole family. Wish us luck. Seriously.

Any fun weekend plans?


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