Major (minor) changes.

Most high school juniors and seniors spend months fraught with worry over where to go to college, what to major in, where to live, what to do with their lives. Deciding what you want to be when you grow up is a big freaking deal.

I, in contrast, had a 10 year plan when I was 12 years old. Not because I was a control freak (although I may be one, now), but because I made decisions based on feeling rather than fact. I had always followed my instincts on most everything and my gut served me well.  So deciding a school, major and life’s path was simple. There was never a question that I would do anything with my life that wasn’t based in the communication field. I would graduate, move to the city, be awesome, the end.

*** I have to take a moment to acknowledge how very, very far off my actual life has played out from those glorious, naive plans. HA, ha-ha, ha, ha. ***

So young. And tan. And silly. My freshman year of college. In my parents very plaid kitchen.

So young. And tan. And silly. My freshman year of college. In my parents very plaid kitchen.

I packed the trunk of my parent’s Ford sedan and traveled east on I-80 toward a new adventure as a college freshman. My loads of enthusiasm paired with little real world knowledge played to my favor. I look back in amazement at how many of my life’s greatest decisions were fueled by youthful ignorance and a general sense of invincibility.

So, I unpacked my side of an impossibly small dorm room with waffle ceilings and I enrolled in the College of Communications with a major in journalism. I loved my freshman year. It was exactly what I envisioned my college years to be. I loved the freedom of college and the really, incredibly interesting people I met. I don’t remember many of their names but their faces are crystal clear in my mind. I learned more from these students about life and culture and the world than I did sitting in any 400-student lecture.

But then my sophomore year came and things began to feel off. It’s a concerning feeling when something you’ve been so sure of for so long suddenly seems forced and foreign. Everyone else around me seemed to become more settled and confident while I back-pedaled and tried to figure out where I took a wrong turn. Something that was once so natural, an extension of myself, felt weird.

Main entrance of Old Main, at Penn State Unive...

Old Main. It makes me feel nostaligic and then remember I have those student loans to keep me company. (source: wikipedia)

By May, I was over half-way done with my bachelors degree in a major I was locked into, both through the school’s policy and my own strong-willed. There was no denying that what I was certain to be a perfect fit began feeling restrictive. I didn’t want to be a journalist. I kind of cared about people (no offense to any j-school graduates out there). What I once loved about the school became burdensome. Areas I knew I should be dominating felt foreign and stiff.

So I changed. I changed everything. I switched to a small liberal arts college. I switched my major to public relations and with a minor in speech communication. It felt like home and I excelled. I met incredibly intelligent professionals that I had the privilege to learn under. I built networks and confidence. Once I stopped telling myself that this was what I was supposed to be, I realized the self-imposed restrictions were masking other abilities I had never took the time to explore and grow.

New major. New college. New hair color.

New major. New college. New hair color.

Blogging has been a lot like my college experience. When I began blogging at The Lambent Life, I thought I knew what I was coming here to say. I was excited to share about our lives as we embraced simple living, clean living and the joy that comes along. But over time, life changed. While I strive to live this lifestyle, a lot of life is spent surviving what is thrown at us.

So, I’m changing blogging majors.

My content has gradually evolved over the past few months, so this is more of a declaration than a drastic change in what you’ll find at The Lambent Life. My writing and content will remain mostly the same with the addition of some new topics with a new look. I still wholly believe in eating and living in a manner that is both clean and sustainable and finding simplicity and contentment in the everyday. I’ll be talking more about parenting, healthy living, fitness, motherhood and, well, just navigating the craziness of life. It’s my sincere hope this new freedom means more frequent and interesting posts. I’m not a DIY guru, master chef, fitness fanatic, parenting expert, or Wife of the Year recipient. But I hope you find something of interest hanging around my cushy corner of the blogging world.

I’m a hair shy of my 100th post – which is apparently quite the landmark on this blogging journey. I’ll be back with a new look and updates on life (exhausting), springtime (yay, farmer’s markets!), B’s allergies (wee!), our diet (not vegetarian), new fitness goals (beyond running), and E’s life as an almost 4-year-old (eek!).

It’s going to be fun. I’m excited.


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