Lift, Tone, Burrrrrrrrrn.

Sometimes, I have to ditch my kids. It’s for everyone’s good. Things between the girls and me have been a bit tense so it was necessary that we all head to our respective corners for a little time out. The girls get some time away and I get a solid chunk of time without tears (except my own).

So this morning, I dropped E off at preschool and B went to a mom’s morning out program. Three entire hours to myself. It may as well have been a Hawaiian vacation. I grabbed my water and sticky socks and hightailed it to the Pure Barre studio.

When it comes to doing cardio, I get bored really easily. I’m not one of those folks who can hop on a treadmill and pop out 5 miles. My mind doesn’t get quiet enough to enjoy the repetition. Instead, I’m clock-watching and silently cursing the guy next to me who changed the channel to ESPN. My disdain towards the treadmill has made running a challenge, recently. Although our weather is mild enough to hit the pavement, daylight savings time means it’s dark outside before I have time to even lace my runners. I’ve been keeping busy with an evening yoga class but itching for something more.

A Pure Barre studio opened late last year and I was so excited to try it. They ran a sweet deal on Groupon and J was kind enough to snag me a 4-pack of classes. With all the the holiday madness and the sickness that encompassed most of December, I didn’t have a chance to go until the calendar rolled into 2013. After the first class, I was hooked.

I’ve had a lot of friends curious about what exactly Pure Barre is. You can get a feel for the culture and philosophy at their site but here’s my take:

It’s 55 minutes of constant strengthening, stretching and cardio. There’s a lot of tucking, stretching and pulsing. And lifting, toning and burning. Oh, the burn. And shaking. Lots and lots of muscles shaking. While burning. I have zero ballet experience and was nervous about a class full of women in a mirror-lined room. But each workout requires so much concentration, you don’t have the time to feel self-conscious or check out the other ladies. Compared to the other participants, I’m sure I look like a fool. But it’s a practice.

When I dropped the girls off this morning, I was so tempted to cancel my reservation and go home to my still-warm pajamas and half-drank coffee. It’s a hard workout and I was physically and mentally exhausted. But the best part of this workout? There’s no time to think. Each set of exercises focus on a muscle group – arms, thighs, seat, abs – and by the time I’m ready to quit, it’s over.


Loads of Pure Barre gear | The only equipment you need – sticky socks, tube, ball, 2 pound weights

Today, I sweat it out for 55 minutes and emerged a new woman. I had a few errands to run at Target before picking up E from preschool so I made a rare pitstop at Starbucks for an iced vanilla spiced latte. It seemed sort of counterintuitive to load up on liquid calories after such a workout but it was oh so worth it.

Have you ever tried Pure Barre or something similar? 



2 thoughts on “Lift, Tone, Burrrrrrrrrn.

  1. I have never tried a barre workout but I would love to – I took ballet from age three through college. Part of me misses it, but then part of me realizes how horrible I would be now.
    Glad you found that studio! I hope they have another Groupon for you soon 🙂

  2. I do a Pilates Barre on Tuesdays and I also really like it. Oddly, the older I get, the more I appreciate the classes – I’m like you when it comes to pounding it out on a treadmill.

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