Why you’re a better mother than me.

I’ve hit a rough patch in motherhood. A really, really rough patch. Thank you, God, that my own mother was able to visit for a few days and coddle my sorry self. I’ve returned to the land of hands-on parenting for the time being and figured someone should be encouraged by my less than stellar parenting moments of recent.

I told E that she could get her ears pierced if she stopped biting her fingernails. She shocked me when she went cold turkey on her finger nibbling and I realized I’d have to follow through. So I played semantics and told her she could get them pierced eventually. She’s accident prone and needs no help putting additional holes in her body. And she hasn’t brought it up since.

Speaking of nails… I walked around for 5 weeks with the toe nails on just one foot clipped. And I didn’t realize it for 3 weeks. And yet it took me another 2 weeks to actually clip them. At almost 2 years postpartum, I don’t think I can claim baby brain.

I re-gifted Christmas candy in the Valentine’s Day gift bags for E’s preschool class. December wasn’t that long ago and I really didn’t want to drag the girls to Target for the third time this week.

I used diaper ointment on my chapped lips. I’ve reached a new level of lazy. But it was a new jar of my favorite Grandma El’s and my Burt’s Bees was nowhere to be found. 

My tower of laundry. The closet door had to remain open to offer support to the clambering pile.

21313_1I may or may not have intentionally burnt a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The girls didn’t mind the crispy edges but it stopped me from shoveling the entire dozen in my pie hole. Good thing their standards were already low.

Congratulations on being a (relatively) awesome mother!


5 thoughts on “Why you’re a better mother than me.

  1. OK, I know this shouldn’t make me laugh, but it did. I think as moms, we’ve all done stuff like this. My laundry isn’t stacked that high but that’s only because they are in multiple piles and on more than one ocassion, my son may or may not have had to wear two totally different colored socks to school……while he was wearing shorts on a day he probably should have worn pants.

    And Christmas candy as Valentine’s Day candy? I only wish I would have thought of that instead of throw it out. Don’t feel bad, the shelf life on candy is well beyond Valentine’s Day.

    But on a serious note, like Nicole said, don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have those moments and it’s what makes us human, and in some cases, can give ourselves (or others) a good laugh later on. Your kids love you and think you’re great and that’s all that really matters

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