How to blog when you’re sick.

I’m battling the world’s longest and most stubborn head cold so today’s blog post is a load of pictures paired with minimal words. You’re welcome.


Yesterday, B and I went to a sweet little girl’s birthday party where B enjoyed a very special gluten- and dairy-free sugar cookie. Alas, the cookie was just a vehicle for the pink sprinkles. I followed this recipe from Living Without but used Bob’s Red Mill GF flour that I found on sale at Brighter Day.

Speaking of birthday parties, I got this cute little number in the mail last week. I cannot believe Chunk will be wearing it in just a few short weeks.

IMG_5082I really need to start making final plans for her party but I’m in denial.


IMG_5122This morning, I took E for her bi-yearly (bi-annual? twice-yearly?) dental appointment. She was a serious rock star and thinks going to the dentist is a treat. I’m not entirely sure she’s my child.

While we were out, I stopped by World Market and picked up this beauty.

IMG_5138I originally bought it for E’s room but I got serious rug envy when I unrolled it. We’re rearranging the furniture in our rooms and I think I want it in my front room, instead. I’m practicing for when I start stealing my daughter’s clothes. Yea, I’ll probably be that mom. Assuming she only wears workout clothes and Toms.

Tonight, we have an open house for a local Montessori academy. The preK programs here are free and filled using a lottery system so although we’ve applied to our schools of choice, we won’t get an answer on her placement for a couple of weeks. Instead of stressing about it, I’m online window shopping. Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic have 30% most everything. I hope you have as much willpower as me (not much).


4 thoughts on “How to blog when you’re sick.

  1. I love that rug! It is so cute! Have fun at the open house tonight. I don’t know if it’s the same as when I taught Pre-K whatever school your older daughter gets into for Pre-K, your younger daughter will get into in a few years when she is old enough. They could have changed it but that’s how it was when I taught. We automatically accepted all the kids that already went to the daycare (I taught a daycare, they don’t do that as much here in Savannah), then they accepted the kids whose older siblings went in previous years, and any spots that were left were done on a first come, first serve basis. Again, I don’t know if it’s still that way though.

    Anywho, feel better soon

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