Conversations you don’t want to have.

“Mommy! Yay! I pooped!”

“Yay, baby! Did you poop in the potty?!”



IMG_5223We’re back at it, folks. B decided on Saturday evening that she was done wearing diapers. But she doesn’t really want to go on the potty, either. So we’re in this wonderful and messy in-between stage. Yay.



9 thoughts on “Conversations you don’t want to have.

  1. Happy days. Somethings were definitely harder than others. Thankfully mine all decided to keep nappies on for eternity, so only got to watch friends struggle with this, whilst they worried about why my kids were not trying.

  2. Jordyn hasn’t hit that inbetween stage and I hope she doesn’t. She has tried going in the potty and succeeded a few times but there are time when I ask her to go sit on the potty and she flat out refuses. I really her potty trained but I don’t want to push her because I’m afraid it will discourage her and in the end she’ll put up an even bigger fight, the more I push. Who knows? I may be overthinking this. LOL!!!!

    Good luck with B

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