Hey (SCOBY) baby.

Everyone I talked to yesterday was perplexed and a bit concerned by the little science experiment I’m conducting on my kitchen counter. Much to Josh’s disappointment, I’m not brewing moonshine or any other illegal elixir but rather attempting to grow my own SCOBY baby for brewing kombucha.

I’m always up for a challenge. And I also hate hemmoraging money on supplements, probiotics and vitamins. So when I grabbed a bottle of GT’s Original kombucha from my refrigerator, I was stoked to see this little fella hanging around the bottom.


SCOBY, maybe?

Hopefully, if all goes accordingly, that little gelatinous thing will grow into a thick and healthy full grown SCOBY in a few weeks and then I can start fermenting my first batch of kombucha. I’ve read mixed reviews about the success of growing your own SCOBY from bottled kombucha but I’m giving it a try. I mean, I spend $40 a month on probiotics for the girls. Momma can spend a little time growing a SCOBY for that cost.

I’m surprised by how many people are still unfamiliar with this tangy, healthful beverage. Mainstream health experts are finally touting the importance of probiotics and a healthy gut balance but the discussion rarely extends beyond those weird Jamie Lee Curtis Activia commercials or refrigerated probiotics. Rarely, if ever, do people talk about sources of good bacteria from fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha. We live in a culture where bacteria is bad and everyone is terrified of getting food poisoning if our foods aren’t constantly refrigerated below 40°. Not so, people!

But I can also understand how kombucha can be a little off putting. Really, it’s just a fermented sweet tea but occasionally yeast strands occur. Although they look weird, they are totally normal and harmless.

***Shout out to Angie at Pint of Goals for correctly identifying my kitchen experiment. I have nothing to offer you except (hopefully and eventually) a SCOBY baby of your own, if you’d like. Otherwise, everyone go and show Angie and that beautiful (non-SCOBY) baby belly of hers some love!***

Do you like kombucha? Prefer other fermented foods? Ever grown something (intentionally or otherwise) on your kitchen counter?

I once had an avocado roll behind some cutting boards and I didn’t find it for a few weeks. That was pretty gross.


10 thoughts on “Hey (SCOBY) baby.

  1. I’ve been brewing a gallon a week and it’s not enough! Crazy thing, because when I first started making kombucha we just weren’t huge fans, despite the benefits. Anyway, now that I’ve gotten the hang of it (it tastes much better than the first dozen batches), it’s consumed before the next batch is ready. Also have kefir grains… otherwise, I suppose mead counts (fermented honey/wine). Looking forward to seeing the fam tomorrow! Peace!

    • I’ll take any tips you have. Does E drink it? Blair will drink some if I water it down but Em hasn’t acquired a taste for it yet. She loves sauerkraut, though, so I’m picking my battles. We’re really excited for tomorrow!

  2. Woot woot! Thanks for the shout out Liz 🙂 Coincidentally, I am drinking a raspberry chia kombucha right now!!! Love the stuff, and I have also thought about growing my own scoby. I did have kefir going for a while (a friend from LA brought me a starter), but I ruined it when I tried using coconut milk. Good luck! Can’t wait to see how it all goes!

      • They become gelatinous, so no chewing needed. The texture is a little funky, but I kind of like it. The cherry chia is good, and the raspberry one I had Friday was pretty good too. Maybe you can add that variety to your home brew!

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