The past five or six days have been crazy. And by crazy I mean no sleep, lots of running errands, shuttling children, birthdays, helping friends and lots and lots and lots of cleaning. So really just normal responsibilities motherhood but on steroids and with a husband who was out of town.

What was worse than actually having to accomplish everything on my list was that my mind has been clouded and my shoulders burdened worrying over two appointments that are happening this week.

Blair had her yearly appointment with the allergist this morning. I knew they were going to do another skin test to confirm the presence and severity of her dairy allergy and to make sure no new allergies have developed.

Has your child ever had a skin test? Basically, they mark up your child’s back and then add specific allergens to each spot along with a control to ensure the body reacts to the histamine. The nurse uses a small needle to prick each area and then you wait 20 minutes for a reaction. In a waiting room. With a child. Who is more than likely having mini-allergic reactions on his or her back that itches and burns. After 20 minutes, they come in and check the size and severity of each reaction.

I love our allergist. Instead of doing a full panel, he suggested she only be retested for dairy  and added a cinnamon test since she’s had a few reactions after coming in contact.


Do you see that picture on the bottom right? That’s her back during the test. Notice that “M” written on her back? That’s for milk. Do you see a hive next to it? No?

That’s right.

The allergy test for milk came back negative.



This is huge. Based on the severity of her reactions and past tests, we were not confident she would outgrow this allergy.

And the cinnamon? Negative, too. Apparently cinnamon is a very common skin irritant but doesn’t – for most people – pose any serious danger.


I was shocked because she’s in the middle of an eczema flare which is typically always caused by the accidental ingestion of dairy or loads of gluten. Or another allergy yet to be determined. But now I guess we’re just raising a lass with very sensitive skin. It’s possible that her skin is and will always be affected by dairy and gluten but I will gladly handle a food sensitivity versus an allergy any freaking day of the week.

This is just the first step towards what is hopefully the end of my journey parenting an allergic child. The allergist wants a blood test to confirm the skin test’s findings. In two weeks we’ll head to the allergist’s office for a four-hour food challenge. Over two hours, she’ll ingest increasing amounts of milk under the nurse’s supervision. Then she will be monitored for the next two hours to make sure no reactions occur. I’m not looking forward to it and figuring out what to do with Em for that time but… I am not complaining.

To celebrate, Blair and I went to our favorite hang out to load up on Easter basket goodies.


I really hated to be that mom who uses the double shopping cart with only one child but the girl wanted it and she just got a negative skin test, darn it.

And fairy baby needed somewhere to ride.

I managed to get the fixings for two pretty awesome Easter baskets that will not include a single piece of candy. Squeee!

Today’s a good day. Who knew something negative could be so wonderful?


6 thoughts on “Negative.

  1. Congrats, Liz! My boyfriend’s nephews are allergic to everything under the sun (nuts, dairy, eggs, all seafood) and I know their mother has such a hard time feeding her family! You must feel a big weight lifted off. 🙂

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