The Easter Chicken.

I love Easter.

The resurrection of Christ. The renewal of spring. The celebration of life.

Josh and I tried to keep the holiday small and intentional which isn’t very easy. The girls enjoyed four (!) different egg hunts and ended up with loads of candy they couldn’t and shouldn’t eat. They both woke this morning asking if we were going to have another egg hunt today which indicates that yes, indeed, we failed and keeping the holiday simple.


Easter seems like a good time to get a nice family picture since everyone is pretty much guaranteed to have clean faces and brushed curls. But springtime in the south means loads and loads of sand gnats swarming your head and eating you alive.

So we’ll settle.


Sorry kids. Next time, look happier.

We attend a “small” non-denominational, bible-teaching church that has grown exponentially in a relatively short amount of time. Although it still acts as a small church, there are three services each Sunday that each leave the sanctuary overflowing. The church rented out a ballroom in a hotel downtown so the entire church-body could meet together on Easter morning. With seats for 1200, folks were still left to stand in the back. Incredible.

After our no-Santa Christmas, I gave up on the Easter Bunny. You wanna believe the Easter Bunny brings baskets and hides eggs?

Have at it.

Until Emery asks, “Why does the Easter Bunny bring eggs? Chickens lay eggs!”

I know, smart child. It makes no sense.

I hope you had a nice Easter and that spring has (finally) arrived to you.


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