The worst sickness, ever.

I don’t know how this happened.

Emery has been on “spring break” (why do preschoolers need spring break?!) since last Monday. And yet yesterday, the girl developed a rip-roaring case of double pink eye.

We haven’t even had enough excitement to warrant such a miserable illness.

There were no bounce houses or playgrounds or tea parties or even shopping cart handles handled.

But apparently this pesky conjunctivitis can arise from the rather non-eventful gathering with friends for an early Easter celebration. Or the overwhelmingly cheerful and plastic Easter egg hunt with strangers. Or the crowded preschooler room at church on Easter morning.

Pink eye is the worst.

She doesn’t feel sick. She doesn’t act sick. But she’s contagious.

And so we’re homebound.

Have you ever tried giving a 40 pound, strong-willed child eye drops that burn like the dickens? It’s amazing. Twice a day. But without it, she’ll continue to be contagious. And homebound.

And because it’s so contagious, there’s a good chance the pink eye will be working it’s merry little way on to Blair, next.

Which means we will be homebound, again.

I thought spring break was about relaxation and fruity drinks with little paper umbrellas.

Unless anyone has a fruity drink to spare. I’ll take it off your hands.

**edited: Oh, those sweet sisters share everything, don’t they? I now have TWO kiddos with pink eye. I wrote this before Blair was woken by an older sister who has no concept of playing quietly before dawn. Thankfully I can manage to pin down her body by myself to administer drops while her sister cries waiting her turn. Ah, the joys! Cheers to another two days at home!**


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