Friday Favorites.

I realize I’ve been a bit boo-hooey-poor-me this week but it’s finally Friday and THANK GOODNESS the pink eye of death has officially left our house. Hopefully. I haven’t bleached the door knobs yet so maybe I should knock on wood.

Since I’ve been a Debbie Downer this week and everyone tolerated and commiserated while I threw my pity party/ies, I thought perhaps I should share some of my favorite things from the week past. Because there’s always a silver lining, right?

Favorite News: Blair’s RAST test
We got word this week that Blair’s RAST test (the blood test to determine food allergies) came back negative to all dairy. This is awesome and confirms last week’s skin test. Next week brings the four-hour food challenge. Hopefully the girl will cooperate and actually drink the milk so, send good vibes our way.

We’ll probably always keep her mostly dairy-free since it’s not great for her eczema. But I’m so, so excited for her to be able to enjoy the wonderful foods she’s had to miss out on. It’s going to be like her 21st birthday but with milk-based treats instead of alcohol. Ice cream! Pizza! Yogurt! Cheese! I’m trying to reign in it but oh, all the possibilities for deliciousness that have been unavailable for so long.

Speaking of…

Favorite Treat: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream


Unknown to a lot of folks, Columbus has a great restaurant scene. One of these great little places is an ice cream shop called Jeni’s, where they have these amazing pairings of flavors like lemon and lavender and chili pepper and chocolate. In fact, Jeni’s was ahead of their time and had a salted caramel flavor years before it became vogue. So, I was ecstatic to find out they carry this heavenly stuff at Fresh Market and spent a pretty penny bringing home a pint of my own. I’m eating it one spoonful at a time.

Favorite Food: Dreaming Cow Yogurt – vanilla agave

IMG_5624I found this at Fresh Market while spending a small fortune on Jeni’s and I’m addicted. I used to eat a lot of yogurt but had to stop when Blair was diagnosed with a milk allergy. When she stopped nursing, I never got back into the habit of eating much dairy. I guess my tastes changed. But I was intrigued by Dreaming Cow yogurt because it’s made locally in Georgia from a small farm with pastured cows. I tried two other flavors and the vanilla agave is by far my favorite. Since I grew up on a dairy farm, I’d love to see their farm and how they make these little cups of joy.

Favorite Find: pink magnolia candle
I dropped the girls at mom’s morning out so I could get some long overdue chores accomplished and inevitably found myself at Target. Big surprise, I know. I worked my way around the store and ended up in the candle aisle. I spent the next 15 minutes picking up and sniffing every.single.candle. Some people are moved by melodies and memories are brought on by certain songs. Apparently my wires were crossed in utero because that’s what smells do for me. They make me feel things.The scent of jasmine and hibiscus reminds of one of the only family vacations we ever took to visit family in Arizona. As a teenager, my mother would simmer cinnamon and orange rinds in our kitchen. Mint will forever remind me of my father.

I finally decided on pink magnolia – not because it reminded me of a memory – but because it made me feel happy. And I liked the crock.

IMG_5692Favorite Blog: Our Freaking Budget
I can’t remember which rabbit hole I traveled to find Our Freaking Budget but I’m digging it. It’s a young husband/wife blogging team sharing their journey about becoming (and staying) debt-free. The writing is witty and personal and the advice is solid. Josh and I are thiiiiiiiis close to being free from a boat load student loan debt (mostly mine, for a degree I’m not using, weee!) and I enjoy seeing how others strategize and prioritize to save a dime.


Is anyone else chanting, “TGIF! TGIF!”? What’s on your “favorites” list this week? Big weekend plans?


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites.

  1. I have Jeni’s in my freezer too!!! Brody’s mom sent us a four pack of it for his birthday. The best flavor was the Rocky Road-esque one. What kind do you have?
    This weekend I am going to Milwaukee for a day and night to celebrate a friend’s 30th. Even though I’ll be sober, it’ll be fun.
    Have a good (and healthy) weekend!

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