With a moo-moo here…

Today’s post is brought to you from the allergist’s office. Blair and I are wrapping up the first of her four hour food challenge and things are looking promising.

Except that we have to hold her down and use a syringe to make her ingest the milk. And that she pooped her pants. And that I forgot to pack any water for her.

Fortunately, it’ll be over soon. And I packed extra underwear and pants. And I left my gym water bottle in the car.

She’s using the downtime to catch up on emails and the latest episode of Barney.



She really isn’t tolerating us holding down her arms and legs and forcing the milk on her. It breaks my heart and makes me want to call off the whole thing. I mean, she doesn’t really have to drink milk. But we do need to know, I suppose.

Anyway, this will be over relatively soon. Until then, back to Barney.


4 thoughts on “With a moo-moo here…

  1. I remember our milk trial with Kyle. All went well in the office. Then that night he started puking. I freaked out and then realized it was a stomach bug. What timing huh? But, he passed with flying colors. I hope she does too!

    • I hear ya! At the end of the trial, Blair had 4 teaspoons left to drink and she was crying and saying her belly was sick. Uh, yea. And she was tired and hungry and had to poop (again). But it’s one sure way to get out of having to eat something you don’t like!

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