Friday Favorites

It’s Friday. We survived another week. And what a week it has been.

I was at the gym treadmill this morning and was glued to the television broadcasting the most recent happenings in Boston. I couldn’t get over how close the television crews were to the police as they worked to secure neighborhoods in Watertown while searching for the second Boston Marathon bomber. It reminded me of the hours after 9/11 when we were all glued to our televisions craving answers and explanation. Eventually, I had to peel myself away to pick up the kiddos from child watch.

Like I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been feeling a little ‘off’ lately so it is my fullest intention to spend the weekend relaxing, checking items off the never ending to-do list and spend time with the family.

This week’s Friday Favorites isn’t quite as well-rounded as the last but these were certainly peaks of joy in a rather melancholy week.

Favorite Treat: Sea Salted Peanut Butter Cookie Chips 

After a bit of a hiatus, I made time for a much needed Pure Barre on Monday night. Afterwards I found myself next door at Fresh Market to pick up more Dreaming Cow yogurt. While there, I saw these Hannahmax Baking crunchy cookie chips on an end cap and knew I needed these bits of seas salted peanut butter goodness. Why have I never thought of sprinkling sea salt on peanut butter cookies?! Genius. Only 130 calories for 5 cookie chips. Win!

Favorite Recipe: Quinoa Asparagus Cakes

I was holding on to this recipe from Kiwi Magazine for a few weeks until Blair was finally cleared of her milk allergy and it didn’t disappoint. I have a love/hate relationship with quinoa – mostly that I want to love it but typically don’t. But when prepared in this fashion, the quinoa’s firm texture was beneficial. My mixture was a bit dry so I added an extra egg and even so, it was difficult to shape into cakes. I eventually threw it all in the skillet and cooked it like hash browns. Josh looked a little concerned when I served his plate but he was pleasantly surprised and finished off the leftovers.

Favorite Moment: Blair’s first “real” birthday party experience
On Thursday, we celebrated a sweet little girl’s 4th birthday with a wonderful princess celebration. For the first time, Blair was able to be a completely “normal” (whatever that means) kid and enjoyed pizza, a delicious lemon and berry cupcake, and all the candy treats from the piñata.



How was your week? Special weekend plans?


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I was at Fresh market on Tuesday on my way back from the zoning department and I totally went to the freezer aisle to pick up some of that ice cream you suggested and then realized I had more stop to make and I could let it sit my car. Next time though, next time. LOL! Those cookies…..I had them in my hand wanting to buy them and then thought, “I better not. I don’t need them.” But maybe I should have. HAHA!!!!

    Last, that recipe looks amazing! No one else in my house likes asparagus so I’d have to make these and freeze the extra. I wonder if they would hold up.

    Keep the Friday Favorites coming!

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