Friday Favorites [4.26.13]

I really love Friday Favorites. There are about 15 things each week that I think, “oh! I should write a post about that.” but never do because a.) each post would be consist of about 5 sentences and b.) who wants to read an entire post dedicated to my love of yogurt? and c.) I lately have the attention span of a 3-year-old child (probably caused by raising a 3-year-old child).

But a weekly thought dump? Completely acceptable and passable as a “real” blog post.

Favorite news: Vacation! Vacation!
There aren’t a ton of perks that come with Josh’s job. Except, like, a paycheck. For which I’m grateful, don’t get me wrong. But I found out yesterday that he’s being sent to a training in Bend, Oregon this summer and yours truly gets to tag along. And the best part? THE CHILDREN AREN’T COMING! Yes, five whole glorious days by myself. My incredible in-laws are coming to party with the girls while take a cross-country flight to the PNW to enjoy some R&R, shopping, spa treatments, and sight seeing. Well, Josh will be working so really I’ll just be enjoying those things. My myself. Squeeee!

Favorite read: Born to Run
Admittedly, I’ve just started this book but it’s so good. The author, Christopher McDougall is quite humorous and the story of the Tarahumara is legendary and fascinating. The Tarahumara live in the mountainous region of northwest Mexico and can run amazingly long distances without fatigue or injury. So McDougall, a reporter by trade, sets out on a journey to find the Tarahumara and learn the secrets to life and running.



My friend Amie and I are toying with the idea of running the Savannah Rock ‘N Roll 1/2 marathon in November so I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my running and increase mileage without burning out. While I love to run, I’m not a fan of racing so I need to get my mind right before making a ($$) decision.

But I’ll tell you, reading this book has put me back in the right mentality.

Now if only I could figure out a way to run when it’s not 80 degrees.

shades of pink. for real.

Favorite fix: Snap, crackle, pop.
I finally scheduled a very overdue appointment with a chiropractor and had my first visit this morning. Before children, I used to visit the chiro for weekly adjustments but I haven’t been since I was pregnant with Emery. Between pregnancy, having a newborn, moving, and repeating steps 1 and 2, I stopped going.  Big mistake. The physical and mental health benefits of regular adjustments is undeniable and heaven knows I need all the help I can get. Because I’m so tall, I tend to slouch which affects the curvature of my neck which, in turn, causes strain on my shoulders and stresses the muscles across the top of my back. I need to have better posture (as I slouch over my keyboard to type this…) and keep up with regular adjustments to alleviate the tension on my shoulders.

I agitated my neck and shoulder a few weeks ago during a workout and it’s been tender ever since. I swear, as soon as I laid on the table and he adjusted between my shoulder blades – ahhhh. Sweet, sweet relief. I can even breathe easier.

Then the doctor swore he didn’t believe that I am 6 feet tall and weigh 160 pounds.

“No way! You’re kidding. Wow. No, I wouldn’t have put you more than 130 pounds.”

And then I hugged him and promised I’d never, ever stray and he’ll be my forever chiropractor until the day I die. Or leave Savannah, anyway.

But really, that’s muscle for ya, folks. I’d rather have my strong, muscular legs that can carry me on runs than see a lower number on the scale. I don’t do this to lose weight. I do this to be physically and mentally strong.

And that ends that tangent.

Favorite moment: First soccer game of the season
We’re giving soccer another go and last night was Em’s first game of the season. Her team is the Yellow Dragons and despite this league being more organized than the last, it’s still a bit like herding cats.

IMG_5937Her coach wasn’t there so the assistant coach filled in and he continuously called her Emma. She would stop and look at him when he shouted directions but she would then turn and ignore him as she thought he was talking to this imaginary Emma. Since, you know, that’s not her name. So, that was interesting.

She spent the majority of the second half running circles on the sideline chanting, “I’m bored! I’m bored! I’m bored!”

At least she ran out some of her energy that way?

I think we’ll try ballet.

Least Favorite News: Goodbye, goodbye, Mariah
My kindred spirit is leaving me for a great (small) land yonder north called New Hampshire. I’m so sad. We’re meeting at the beach tomorrow to say farewell and I don’t know how that little girl of mine will do saying goodbye to her favorite little man.

Wee babes in 2012.

Wee babes in 2012.

Savannah has a lot of families that are just passing through. Sometimes it feels like we’re stuck in waiting while we watch friends who become dear to us journey on. Before moving to Georgia, we were always the ones who left and I’ve learned how much harder it is to be on the other side of leaving. And it’s hard to teach your kids.

But it’s nice to know that with all the friends we’ve made on this journey, it’s likely we’ll cross paths again with at least some of them when it’s our turn to move on to new pastures.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Fun weekend plans? Do you go to a chiropractor? Anyone have tips on where to visit in Bend?



9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites [4.26.13]

  1. besides the obvious…. this was my favorite friday favorite yet. oh and next you need to try acupuncture ok? and i am so excited for some sweet sunshine and sand tomorrow!

  2. Although I hate running in hot and/or humid weather, I’m slightly jealous of your pink face! The weather in WI has been crap, and it is just starting to feel like spring.
    Today I am doing a race (a two-mile walk – ha!) and getting a prenatal massage. Plus the sun is out and its supposed to be 68 this afternoon! Should be a good day. Have a good weekend 🙂

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