A very Lambent birthday.

Yesterday, The Lambent Life celebrated its first birthday. Instead of toasting champagne, I tended to a growing cold with gallons of echinacea tea and Emergen-C paired and a bowl of vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries for good measure. I topped off the festivities with an early 10 p.m. bedtime and so here I am, the day after, properly noting the milestone.

One year ago.

A year ago.

Much like the first year of a child’s life, I’ve spent the past 12 months and 131 posts learning the ropes and figuring out who I am and what kind of blogger I want to be. And what kind I don’t want to be. I’ve found camaraderie with other bloggers and learned from their experiences. And I’m happy with what I’m growing and how I’m growing.

iPhone 250

A year ago.

Like naming a child, it’s hard to pick the perfect blog name until you see its personality emerge. Josh, bless his heart, spent an entire afternoon last year brainstorming a good, reflective name. As usual, he came through.



  1. (of light or fire) Glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance.
  2. (of wit, humor, etc.) Lightly brilliant.

I don’t want to burn brightly and quickly. There is nothing wrong with seeing loads of traffic or gaining popularity but I never want blogging to be disingenuous or burdensome. You won’t find glitter or glam design at The Lambent Life (mostly because I’m technologically inept). I want The Lambent Life – and my life, in general – to be a gentle glow, a familiar word and quick smile. And I hope that comes across.

One year ago.

A year ago.

And if you really want to give a good birthday present, head over to The Lambent Life on Facebook and give a sister a like. I promise loads of tasty, clean recipes and sweaty, post-run selfies. Oh, and probably embarrassing pictures of my kids like this one:

The carwash is a scary place.

Yesterday. The carwash is a scary place.

A year, in review

Most popular posts:

I don’t wear deodorant. (you guys are a curious bunch.)

The time E turned 3 and I bawled. (and I bawled again reading this.)

My favorite posts:

Parenting an allergic child is hard. (the hardest post I’ve written. Reading it makes me all the more thankful that we’re now allergy-free, wee!)

One becomes Two. (because I love her kiss face.)

Most popular search term: Color Vibe 5K coupon (that ship has sailed, folks. But thanks for stopping by!)

My favorite search terms: “pit bull Weimaraner pajamas” and “put-your-sister-in-a-headlock day celebrations” (Uh, not sure I helped you with either of these. Sorry, Charlie.)

Happy birthday, The Lambent Life.

And thanks for sticking around.


8 thoughts on “A very Lambent birthday.

  1. i am so impressed with josh! (oh you too:) it took me a full year to convince lee to take the time to actually READ my blog hahaha…. YEAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAMBENT LIFE!

  2. Congrats! I have enjoyed following your blog,even though I may not comment often! Very neat to learn the meaning, as I’ve often wondered what it meant. Love the photo with the Southside firetruck 🙂

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