Back to life, back to reality.

I’ve spent the past week sweating, battling crowds, staying up late, waking up early, calming screaming children, whining, groaning and standing in impossibly long lines.


I’ve also spent the past week laughing, smiling, oohing and aahing, watching wonder on my children’s faces, tickling, dining with princess, hand-holding and memory-making at the Happiest Place on Earth.

I’d call it a fair trade-off.

Last Tuesday, we were sauntering south on I-95 toward Orlando for a much anticipated trip to Disney World. We invited Josh’s parents to come along and we couldn’t have done it without them. Well, we probably could have but I’d probably still be lamenting on how tired and cranky I am. Disney is like a PG version of Vegas. It’s an alternate universe. Days roll together, every one is on a mission, and the only way to discern day from night is by the lighting. It’s safe to say I have a Disney hangover. 

We got home Sunday evening and spent yesterday celebrating my birthday. For the first time in 10 years, Josh took the day off from work so we could spend the day together. Best. Birthday. Ever. Hands down. More on that later. 

I’ll post a full Disney recap in a few days once I go through our 900+ photos (I’m a little snap-happy) but I wanted to stop in and say hello and happy belated Mother’s Day to you wonderful mommas and soon-to-be mommas. Josh has declared next Sunday a Mother’s Day do-over since the real one was spent in the car with cranky children and loads of laundry and unpacking. I love that man.

IMG_6202 SONY DSC IMG_6174IMG_6277

SONY DSCHow has life been outside of Disney? Business as usual? Did you have a nice Mother’s Day?



6 thoughts on “Back to life, back to reality.

  1. So glad you all had a Magical time at Disney we love going but don’t go as often as we should since we live so close can’t afford the Disney prices I know how fun watching the girls faces!

  2. Aaaaaw, Disney. It really is like Vegas — such an alternate universe. When I lived in Southern California, we were spoiled by being able to take a few trips to Disneyland each summer. I miss that now, though I wasn’t toting small children around, so I imagine you’re less ready for round two than I usually was when I left. Welcome home!

    • I really, really wish I had been able to visit when I was a kid. I’ll settle for the consolation of getting to see it through my kids, though. Disney was loads of fun but I realized I’m much more of a resort/ leisurely sight-seeing/ afternoon nap kind of vacation-goer.

  3. My Mother’s Day wasn’t nearly as awesome as yours!! But, it was quiet and I was with my boys, so I was happy. Lucky you though!! Glad you had a nice time.

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